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Saundra Allman
Making a meaningful difference each property sold!
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 My unique business value is to ensure from start to finish each client who hires my professional real estate services will see results that exceed their expectations to earn their referrals  and repeat business which continues to grow my business successful.

Other Areas I serve with descretion and client needs are:  Marin, Napa, Solano, Sacramento, Calavares,  Monterey,  San Joaquin Counties. Making your dreams come true and meeting your real estate needs one family at a time!

Realtor's Licensed since October 1994.

Real Estate sales experience San Francisco Bay Area and Humboldt County.

Enjoying the unique business model of LEGACY REAL ESTATE AND ASSOCIATES, I enjoy working with a wonderful successful team of professional Real Estate Associates and Broker's. LEGACY REAL ESTATE AND ASSOCIATES, leads with market share in East Bay, and I am honored to be present with such a high energy team of people, together making dreams come true for individuals and families through successful real estate sales.

Serving individuals and families with passionate commitment assisting the real estate objectives of sellers and buyers with successful transactions.

Property types I sell primarily are single family homes and 1 to 4 unit multifamily dwellings, land, PUD's for town homes and condominiums, 1031 excange sales and listing of real estate investment properties, Short Sales and REO's.

Assisting women in real estate sales for listing and purchases building confidence and real estate wealth for homes of their dreams and investment properties.

Assisting new first time home buyers in building confidence and buying their first home, guiding them through the process with a successful journey and a successful sale to close of escrow for a memorable experience of joy in homeownership.

 Raw land, Are you considering to build your dream home? Maybe you want to develope an entire new construction community development? What is your dream? My job is to make your dreams come true and I love what I can do for you in real estate sales.

Are you downsizing as a baby boomer or empty nester?

Maybe, your family is growing and you want to move into another neighborhood of your dreams with a larger home?

Builder's New Home Community Development's are an excellent option for those who want to be that first family in a brand new construction home. My East Bay Real Estate Board of Realtor's Multiple Listing offer's me a service for New Homes Resource that has over 451 New Home Communities I can register you, then take you to the Builder's New Home Community Neighborhood Development your very first visit and register your interest to consider the New Home's Builder Community for next new home purchase. They Broker Co-op with Broker'S and REALTOR'S and reward us with our paid commission at your Close of Escrow. Over 78% of New Home Communities are sold and buyer's are represented REALTOR'S AND BROKER'S. NO ADDITIONAL COST TO BUYER'S, HOWEVER, THE RELATIONSHIPS WE HAVE AS BROKER'S/REALTOR'S PARTNERING WITH NEW HOME BUILDER'S IS EXCEPTIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL. We know where they are located for your budgeted purchase, the communities with your required amenities, location for your commute, New Home neighborhood recreation and more. We can guide you through the process of buying with a New Home Sales Staff, Loan Approval, through out the entire process or as much as you feel comfortable. There are many decisions to be made, financing comparison with new home builder financing or your preferred lender. There are options. There are upgrades in appliances, and new home features to consider. It can be overwhelming, however, with our expertise and professional support and guidance your New Home Purchase can be smooth and enjoyable. Making yuor dreams come true is what I do. It is an honor to assist you in making your dreams become your lifestyle realized.                                       




















I am a professional business woman that has been a single mom, one child in heaven and one recent graduate of East Bay Cal State who is about to enter nursing university with a recent acceptance.  A breast Cancer patient survivor. Christian and God participating in all things, business, family, and friends. Elevating with each opportunity. Growing a business in real estate, Notary loan signings and Juice Plus + . Healthy Women, thinking and believing smart finish well. I have an objective to grow my real estate wealth to have a legacy to share with those I love. To be able to support and  contribute to causes I value, starting first with the ability to see my daughters career dream become her success. Empowering women to be fininancially well through real estate investments and living in the homes of their dreams. Assisting individuals and families to empowered by the satisfactory experience of owning their own homes, making wise real estate investments in land, 1 to 4 dwellings. Empowering individuals with smart options when their homes are REO or short sale advantaged. Making a meaningful difference one transaction at a time, building confidence in the real estate consumer and rewarding each who hire me with a dedicated smooth transaction from start to close with each escrow successful real estate sales transaction. Earning referrals, repeat business and new business are my reward that continue to grow my business prosperous.  I am so excited about 2014 for all the opportunities and promise for a very rewarding year in real estate.












From the Mobile Manufactured Home, Planned Developments of Condominiums and Town homes to the Luxury Castle my dedication and service to you will be just exactly the same...with Passionate Commitment for Successful Results! I will treat you with respect, no pressure.  Humble honest service and care for all your real estate needs!

Land...I love to sell raw land! Whether you are buying for development or what some people refer to as "Land Banking" for your future retirement, our precious resources are of great value! I will investigate with the coastal commission, the county and city planning department and other important county and city departments for those material facts. Sellers full disclosure and all the necessary inspections for your peace of mind your transaction will bring you value fiduciary duty and due diligience! If you are the seller and I am representing your needs I will guide you through the process of full disclosure, and the inspections requested by the buyer, I will research and show my findings of other like properties comparable to your investment, and I will always keep you informed of what I have learned. I will work to ensure your investment has the best representation! Rural and Suburban Vacant Raw Land

If you are the buyer, I work with integrity and honor, duty to disclose and work with respectful fiduciary duties and due diligience. My thorough research of any property you consider to purchase will guide you through due diligience as a buyer to assist you in your investigative due diligience.

If I have opportunity to work with seller and buyer with agreement and consent of buyer and seller, my fiduciary commitments, duties, due diligience will be my priority at all times. I have years of successful experence in bringing seller and buyer together with satisfaction and successful transactions for both parties on single or multiple transactions.

I will work with professional ethics at all times. I will be a good listener and work to hear and implement your important needs in every transaction.

New Home Construction, New Development with Broker Co-Operating Builders! I must go with the buyer the first visit to each of the developments of their interest to preview to show proper buyer representation and guarantee my broker paid commission or referral from the Developer. That is the New Home Guide Lines for me to represent your needs in the purchase transaction. Builder pays commission...It does not come from the buyer, nor is it added to the new home base price. the builder calculates the percentage of homes that will be sold  and the sale procured by outside brokers/agents by bringing in the client on their first visit to register their interest in the development and they have all ready included those costs in their pricing of all their homes to be built. a percentage will be procured by brokers and agents because the developer broker co-ops and the other percentage they calculate is the buyers that just drop by because of their marketing and signage. Many times, it is your advantage to have me as your qualified licensed professional to search the new home developments that meet your needs specifically, introduce to the development and represent your needs! There is tremendous value there and no cost to buyer!

Single Family Residential Resale List and Purchase 1-4 Units

Multi-Family Residential , Commercial 5+ units

Some Commercial at my discretion should I agree that I can represent your needs at best. My experience was a successful sale of residential re-zoned to commercial offices!

Income Preperty Purchase and List; helping the client to build their real estate wealth with investment property!

1031 Exchanges Sales; List and Purchase

Pre-Foreclosure-Short Sale Success! I speak with experience and testimony. I have taken many seminars, and DRE approved training classes to bring this success to your real estate needs!

No real estate investment is too small or to big, my experience and commitment will guide you through the process!

No real property is to deferred in maintenance or to high end! The sky is the limit, and all area of value!

As a buyer's agent I will represent your interest with integrity and honesty, I will regard your privacy and respect your needs. I will work smart to bring you the best results in your real estate purchase with careful research, strong negotiating, attention to detail and disclosure, helping you to understand the contract you are offering, follow through and consistent communication to the close of escrow!

Hire me as your seller's agent, your buyer's agent, a dual role as buyer and seller's agent and  my commitment to you is that  I will represent your needs with integrity and honesty. I will regard your privacy and respect our needs. I will work smart to bring you the best results in your real estate listing, marketing, and successful sale of your property! I will be sensitive to your needs, and work smart to bring you the very best results the market will bear and the demand will allow! Always you are in control of your decisions and participation, and bottom line. I encourage your participation to the level of your comfort and desire. I will work with creativity, demonstrate confidence in representing your homes best  value. I will always be available to you by phone, email, blogging, appointment, and follow up and follow through. I will be a listener to your concerns and needs and hear your communication to me. I am flexible to adapt, introduce new strategies, use the state of the art marketing to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible, on a local level and globally. My skills to negotiate for your property's best acceptable offer price is my strength. I will always negotiate for your needs to bring the buyer and you, the seller together with like minded agreement to procure that acceptable offer and work diligently throughout the escrow process to close a successful sale for you. I will always keep you informed.  I will always update you with my marketing plan and accomplishments, any activity and interest or no activity and interest and provide supporting information of activities performed and current market trends for your area with up to date comparables.


Assisting Women who value building real estate wealth securing their financial independence; retirement. Smart Women finish well. God participating in each successful transaction leading to my legacy!