Ronald Jasgur (Woodward Asset Capital)

Real estate expert specializing in the marketing, sales, acquisition and renovation of distressed property for banks, servicers and institutional investors. Michigan Licensed Broker and Builder

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Our work with private and institutional asset owners nationwide has galvanized us as an innovative consultancy firm with a demonstrated track record of creating custom solutions that speak to the ever growing dilemma of managing and marketing distressed real estate.

Focusing on custom, tailored solutions for client-specific requirements, our dedicated team of industry professionals identifies gaps in existing processes and recommends process enhancements.

Developers of OfferSubmission and VerifiedShortSale, web-based real estate sales management and negotiation systems for banks, lenders and mortgage servicers that eliminate fraud and speed the sale process.


REO Sales Strategies & Solutions Wholesale Property Acquisition & Rehabilitation Short Sale Offer Negotiation and Management Software for Banks and Servicers REO Offer Negotiation and Management Software for Banks and Servicers


OfferSubmission was created to resolve problems in the foreclosure sales process. This web-based, offer-processing service delivers the terms of a buyer's offer directly to a decision-maker at the bank, government or institutional seller. Because the buyer's Realtor submits the terms directly to the decision maker, the digital paper trail established by OfferSubmission virtually eliminates the possibility of foreclosure fraud.

OfferSubmission can be used as a stand-alone offer processing system or in conjunction with  existing vendor and IT infrastructure. This product is the first of its kind to offer absolute transparency in the REO process while engaging the buyer's agent directly at every step. OfferSubmission does not handle negotiations, make decisions, or act in any agency capacity. We are a technology company facilitating the presentation, negotiation and sale of REO properties between the buyer's Realtor and selling institution.


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