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Martha Boutwell
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Get to Know Martha Boutwell

My name is Martha Boutwell. I have been in the real estate industry for 38 years. I started out as a Realtor and changed to the mortgage industry over 20 years ago where I have been helping clients get into their homes with the type of financing that is best suited for them. Today is April first 2016 and this is not an April Fool's joke. I am officially a Realtor once again. I can't wait to be back on this side and continue to help families make their dreams come true. Yes things have changed alot since I was in it,techmology, the way people begin their search, but one thing remains constant and that is the end result which is taking care of my clients needs, providing them with guidance and being there for them to answer their questions. I have extensive knowledge in financing with which I will be able to consult with you if you would like, whether you need credit counseling or just need guidance nto which type of loan is best for you. I work closely with several mortgage lenders and keep up with the changes on the mortgage side. Whether it is a down payment grant allowing you to sometimes buy a home with very little or no down payment or if you are looking for a fixer upper  that you can get a rehab loan or that competitive jumbo loan. I would love to be your Realtor and help you find your dream home.


I have worked alot with first time home buyers and assisted them in getting down payment assistance or no down payment with Rural Development. If you are the second or third time buyer you have different needs and again I can assist you with fulfilling those needs from the start of getting pre qualified to the start of actually finding the home that you have been dreaming about. Whether it is to be built or to be renovated or perfect just like it is, I would love thelp you find it.