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Andrew's background consists of 5 years in the mortgage business. In total, Andrew has 20 years experience in technology, sales and service.

Prior to opening PLS, Andrew worked for wholesale mortgage lending with First Franklin/Merill Lynch (2 years) and owned TriValley Home Loans (3+ years).

Andrew received his MBA from University of Texas at Austin in 1990 and his Bachelors in Science Electrical Engineering (BSEE) in 1987 from Purdue University. From 1990-1995, Andrew worked in Silicon Valley as an engineer and product manager. From 1995-2002, Andrew was self-employed as a successful high tech recruiter.

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The secrets and strategies of today's top-producing loan originators include

Create "Customers for Life" (Page 5 and Marketing System)Build your Pyramid of Success one step at a time (Essential Knowledge through Legacy)Obtain and solidify Referral Partner System (UPS, Gatekeeper, Interview)Create exposure marketing (personal brochure)Create a marketing campaign system (ACT!)Nurture balance & behavior success-oriented skill (Todd Duncan, etc)

PLS uses these secrets and strategies, implement them into our business and close more loans!

Everyday, PLS applies the concept of the Pyramid of a Complete Loan Officer-a concept that has already helped thousands of LoanToolBox members succeed in achieving their business goals.

With almost 5 years of experience in the mortgage industry including, Andrew has re-dedicated himself as a full-time mortgage broker and originator after a 2-year experience with First Franklin as a wholesale subprime Account Executive.

Andrew's first 3 years as a broker were financially successful due to very hard work, long hours, an eagerness to learn and tenacity on a deal-by-deal basis. However, this success was not personally fulfilling - he did not know how to grow the business systematically and work smarter, not harder. For example, clients were not always "clients for life", marketing was inconsistent and there was a lack of referral partners.

Recognizing the mistakes of the past and being aware that referrals should be the foundation of building a mortgage business, Andrew avoids "cold-calling" and grows the business through networking, individual training and teambuilding. By applying proven systems, PLS has obtained and solidified a growing referral network.

In order to grow the business, PLS gets more referrals; closes more loans; automates marketing; finds referral partners; builds a winning team; attracts, trains and retains top talent; and creates a roadmap to success.


... Get more leads... Close more loans ... Automate marketing... Find more referral partners ... Build a winning team ... Attract, train, and retain top talent ... Create a roadmap to success
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