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Much the way a Financial Planner would take into consideration your overall financial picture, Mortgage Planning involves an in-depth review of what is important to you and takes into consideration your short and long-term financial goals, and other important factors that can dictate the appropriate mortgage solution for your home financing needs.Mortgage Planning involves the creation and implementation of a long-term financing strategy that involves a number of components designed to ensure that your Mortgage financing is working for you both now and well into the future. Mortgage Planning recognizes that our work has just begun when your loan closes. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, our Market Watch program will keep you abreast of changes in the mortgage market and inform you via auto-alert e-mail any time interest rates change or alternative loan programs become available that might save you unnecessary interest payments.   This proactive approach has helped many of our clients save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of their loans. Life changes and your goals and needs change. What may have been the most effective mortgage for your home purchase may not necessarily be the most effective strategy in five years. Through our annual review process we will ensure that you are maintaining the proper course throughout each stage of the life of your mortgage. As Mortgage Bankers we are able to provide highly competitive terms and products to meet most any mortgage lending needs. 100% of our business comes from repeat business and referrals from our clients, as well as some of the area's top Real Estate agents, Financial Planners, Attorneys, Tax Accountants, and other service professionals. As such, we are able to devote 100% of our time serving our clients.

We believe Mortgages should be proactively managed, much life a portfolio approach to financial planning.  As such we provide 2 comlimentary services to all of our clients:

First, we provide PROACTIVE management strategies.  Our Annual Mortgage Plan will ensure that your financing is in line with your overall goals and will also provide us the opportunity to make sure your loan servicing needs are being met in an efficient and professional manner.  If you are paying PMI on your loan we establish a PMI review date to make sure we do everything possible to eliminate this expense as quickly as possible. 

 Recognizing that financial conditions can and do change quickly in today's volatile environment, we utlize cutting edge technology and provide 100% of our clients with a CUSTOMIZED auto-alert system which is designed to provide timely notification that the interest rate market has reached a point where you will save money by restructuring your loan.  We also offer an exciting new service called AUTO LOCK for those clients who have a specific target in mind.

We also provide REACTIVE


Providing professional Mortgage Solutions Through Intentional Design. We build strategic home financing plans and work with our clients over time to ensure it blends with your overall financial plan