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A look at Real Estate in the New River Valley of VA. Sometimes on topic, occasionally irreverent, always Real. That's why we're Real Estate. Simplified.
Looking to buy a house in Southwest Virginia?  Perhaps you've been looking at homes in Christiansburg, or in Radford, and you just don't think you can afford it.  I'd remind you that the opportunities are there for buyers right now for two reasons - (1) the inventory available, and (2) the rates ...
I've been meaning to put this post out there for quite some time, then a month or two ago another agent did  something similar and so I figured it was probably time to move it up the To-Do list.A lot of people ask me "when's that house down the street going to sell?", or "how much did that two-st...
Out of the Absolutely-Positively-100%-Without-A-Doubt-Shameless-Promotion-And-I-Don't-Care Department comes this post ... Last week Jay Thompson in Phoenix talked about how he was paying models across the country to show off his "Phoenix Real Estate Guy" t-shirts.  Jay is known far and wide as T...
 It's the winter time - duh, it's cold outside - and many folks are looking for inexpensive ways to save dollars AND energy in their homes.  I came across this list from and thought I'd repost it (italics are mine): Seal duct work - this is the number one way to conserve energy du...
Saw this today from Handshake 2.0 and it just made me chuckle.  I don't have anything from LimbGear so I can't speak to their quality, but if they'd like to send me some stuff to test out on the slopes I'd be glad to review! :) Seriously ... enjoy.  This made me laugh; I was working on a couple o...
Ever been in a candy shop?  You know, the type where there are candies of all sizes, shapes and colors lining the walls?  The shops where you shove a big metal shovel the size of Delaware into a barrel of assorted candies, and you come up with all different types of sweets? Yea - that's what the...
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by WDBJ7's news anchor Natasha Ryan about a story she was writing on the online social media site called Twitter. Now, I've admitted my addictions here on the blog before, and it was interesting to see a local news outlet not only recognizing the power of the serv...
Last week I mentioned that I'd been knocked out of the second annual VAR Blog Brawl.  In the words of Lee Corso, "not so fast, my friends."I can't say for sure exactly what happened because truth be told, I've no clue.  But I've just learned that I'm in the semi-finals of the contest and I need ...
Happy Thanksgiving to all, and thank you for your patronage and friendship in 2008.
From the Virginia Resources Authority comes this announcement on Friday: The Virginia Resources Authority has just sold $215 million in infrastructure revenue bonds – a real triumph and nothing short of miraculous given the economic situation. This represents the largest transaction in the pooled...

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A look at Real Estate in the New River Valley of VA. Sometimes on topic, occasionally irreverent, always Real. That's why we're Real Estate. Simplified.