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A look at Real Estate in the New River Valley of VA. Sometimes on topic, occasionally irreverent, always Real. That's why we're Real Estate. Simplified.
Remember that whole Taylor, Bean & Whitaker mess?  It’s been on my mind since it happened, I think in part because I have friends whose mortgage is with TBW.  And one of the questions they asked was “where do I pay my mortgage?“  Word to the wise … keep paying.  They’ll tell you where to send you...
There’s a fundamental shift going on in the way we are getting our information, processing it, and acting on it.  Organizations – of all shapes/colors/flavors/sizes – would be wise to pay attention:   Facebook would be the fourth largest nation in the world YouTube (where I found this video) is t...
A couple of days ago, the news in the mortgage industry was the beat down Taylor, Bean & Whitaker was getting.  Since that post, I've contacted a few past clients and friends who have used TBW to secure their mortgages, and everyone wants to know ... "What happens to my mortgage now?" Find out wh...
WASHINGTON - The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) today suspended Taylor, Bean and Whitaker Mortgage Corporation (TBW) of Ocala, Florida, thereby preventing the Company from originating and underwriting new FHA-insured mortgages. The Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) is al...
Looking for something to do this weekend in the New River Valley?  Want something a little different from the norm?Head out to Blacksburg this Friday and Saturday for the annual Steppin' Out festival.  Read more, and get the full schedule, at ...
If you live in Montgomery County, be prepared for a tax increase in 2011.  I know, that's a year and a half away, but start putting away those shekels now - the County is beginning real estate reassessments this month.  From Montgomery County Begins Real Estate Reassessments Read mor...
Ever heard of Regulation Z?  No?  How about Truth In Lending?  Still nothing? That's okay - I'd be willing to bet most agents haven't even heard of Regulation Z (sounds top secret, doesn't it?).  Nevertheless, I received information from a mortgage professional, Tom Vanderwell, that I thought im...
Several months ago, I started hiring Sean Shannon Photography to take high-quality photos of the real estate properties.  I was finding that while my camera certainly takes good photos, it couldn't show the house off quite as well as a professional could.  I talked with Sean about my problem, an...
Ever wondered what the best state to start a business in is?  I'm sure you can guess, given I'm living and working in Virginia, but here's an interesting look at WHY Virginia continues to win these awards.See the video at
It's not a Letterman Top 10 list, but could I get a drumroll please? Thank you. From comes their "Top 10 Things To Expect in the Housing Market in 2009" list.  #5 might be the most important, in my opinion. Continued market adjustments - With home prices in some markets having reach...

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A look at Real Estate in the New River Valley of VA. Sometimes on topic, occasionally irreverent, always Real. That's why we're Real Estate. Simplified.