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If you are like me you have and love your iPad for your business.  My MLS recently offered an iPad class for users. The information was amazing and is proving to be very valuable for me. The most important takeaway, in my opinion, was about how to extend the life of the device.  First, understand...
One of the hot topics relative to website design for SEO is the addition of video. There are many companies who can do the editing and post-production work to polish videos and companies selling video content for Realtors, too. One of the local brokers has a rather lenghty video of a virtual flig...
Returning home late on a winter day just at Christmas, I found a single rose deposited on my doorstep. At the close of a bitterly disappointing year, I had done nothing to observe the year's last giving tide. Taking the rose inside I wrote of my thoughts.   I Found A Rose At Christmas   I found a...
In 2006 I purchased a book titled "Are You Missing the Real Estate Boom?". At the time it seemed a perfectly reasonable title and purchase. Curious to take a look back, I pulled it off the shelf last night and looked through the preface. There I found this: "The contents of this book are based on...
1985 was a difficult year for me - my marriage had ended officialy at mid-year, my partners had saddled me with some very tough problems and on an early December ski trip I crashed badly and was still recovering from my injuries at Christmas. Just days before Christmas Day, arriving home, I found...
There was a post here on AR this week about NAR and their advocacy of the Realtor community and their lack of due diligence in warning that community about the impending collapse of the Fanny/Freddie. While I completely agree with the commentary about the lack of due diligence by NAR, I have no a...
Several factors seem to indicate that 2009 will be the year of the short sale. First, it is clearly in the best interest of the lenders, as institutions and and as individuals, to use the short sale to avoid the staggering costs of a foreclosure. Second, the lenders are growing more experienced a...
  A New Way In Real Estate           Regardless of minor differences, real estate has up to now been a creature of the broker operatingwithin the regulations of the DRE and the rules of the local MLS and the local association.             The business model has been to pursue sellers and buyers t...
                                                Keeping Warm This Winter   Just as in my article on keeping cool in the summer, it is most important to avoid any fabric other than polyester for both inner and outer wear. Unlike all other fabrics, poly is ideal when it comes to engineering it for ...

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