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If you feel like your child's education has been compromised because of one reason or several factors at play, and you want to do something to help improve your child's academic success, keep reading.As an ex-public school teacher and homeschool mom, making sure my child has a good education is i...
This is not going to be an article about why you should homeschool your kids. That's a whole other article of it's own. It's about preparing your kids to succeed academically. Frankly, the public school system makes it difficult for kids to excel in the younger years. The younger years, kids have...
The world is constantly evolving, so it's no wonder that many people have decided to start a second career, a side job, or just learn a new skill to become more marketable or for 'just in case' times when you need to pivot.The great thing is that nowadays you can train from home using the interne...
I've been a a little obsessed with organization and finding systems and processes to get organized and make life easier.  In this article, I'm sharing 10 tips you can implement for getting organized at home and in life and you can choose to use all of these tips or choose a few of these to implem...
Ever think about doing a side hustle to bring in some extra money or entertain a hobby? You'd be surprised at all the options.It's amazing how many things people could do to earn some money today - especially online. Years ago, when I was searching online there weren't too many options but now th...
Did you know that you could hire an assistant online to help you with your real estate administrative tasks? There are MANY virtual assistants that you can hire online to help so that you could focus on the selling and not so much the paperwork which can sometimes get overwhelming!Many virtual as...

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