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Today did not bring about the rapid fire sell off that could have occurred from very strong jobs report numbers yesterday and todays PPI report.However they did bring a slight correction to the high levels in the bonds from last week and now have us looking at support levels appx 50bps lower than...
Well today brought us some hedging from investors/traders for tomorrows pending jobs report. While that is not anything alarming to me I am a touch concerned over the fact that the FNMA 3.0 fell through its support of 104 and closed at 103.844. While that may not sound like much I do not like res...
Its been a long time in between these posts but here goes...Mortgage Market Snapshot 07.11.16I do not see a lot of negative rate hiking potential over the next few months. (this does NOT mean there will not be ebb and flow movements as those are natural and WILL happen) what I am saying is I dont...
I am deeply thankful for all who read and responded to my post a couple days ago!One of the MANY reasons to love AR... the great community and wealth of knowledge here is second to none! With that said I figured it a bit easier to try to address some of the questions here instead of replying to 4...
I will say... while it seems like an eternity since I have been on AR or even written a post, I cannot exactly say what prompted me to log in to AR tonight of all nights but for some reason found compelled to. I think a combination between missing a lot of my old crew as well as keeping current o...
Hey to all my friends peeps and peers out here in AR land!!!! I know its been a while but its been an interesting Q4 and start to Q1 16 To all who have reached out to me to make sure I am alive and well... THANK YOU! You are why AR is such a great place!!!To all who reached out to me and said tha...
Happy New Year everyone!So sorry for the 2 week + gap in posts, the holidays were simply crazy on us this year and trying to get back into the swing of things again for regular market updates.First and foremost I hope everyone had a fantastic 2015 and I expect this year to rival if not possibly b...
You gotta love the Holidays!They seem to make us do irrational things... JUST BECAUSE lolIn keeping up with that theme the market is behaving as such. Initial unemployment claims are getting close to the 300k mark actual numbers reported are up 12k over expectations and the continuing claims rose...
Today was a little messy. Rates lost all ground gained on Tuesday and the suspect reason in my opinion is profit takers as the data does not support the direction the market went.Anyway as I often say the market will do what the market will do and even when it is in direct contradiction to data b...
Another light day but another day closer to D-day (lol).Will the feds raise rates?NO is my answer I do not think they will based on the timing as well as data.Reality - does anyone know? NOFact - regardless of the decision we will all live and move forward so LOCK while you can as pricing is exce...

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