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I went to a local TV store here in Tulsa recently and bought a new TV....and receiver....and speakers.  It's amazing how expensive this stuff is.  I was thinking about the cost of the TV but the peripherals make the cost almost double. As the salesperson was ringing me up, I told him that my pare...
We'd looked at about twenty four houses, and wrote an offer on one.  It was the nicest house in a medium house neighborhood, I had some concern about regression (from real estate class, when the biggest homes in a neighborhoods values tend to regress to the mean) and we didn't quite bid high enou...
I recently came back from a CRS negotiating class.  I think it's great that negotiating classes are being taught to Realtors.  I did think that a lot of the material was conceptual, here are some things I've learned over the years, that I will share as long as you don't use them when negotiating ...
For all the buyers' agents purchasing homes, it may be prudent to add a roof inspection to the slate of inspections for your buyers as a safeguard due to the recent hailstorm.In addition, if the home is in contract, and the roof in question does need repair, the seller probably needs to contact t...
What monumental event could singlehandedly rivet the nation's attention on Tulsa, OK?The icestorm? No, that's historyThe lowest gas prices in the nation? Yes, that usually makes national news but that's not what I'm talking about here.YES, you guessed it, it's the beautiful BOK Center designed by...
I went to Memorial High School in '85, left and went to and lived in various places like Arizona (went to ASU), California (Fremont) and Tokyo.  When I came back to Tulsa last October after about twenty two years, I found a lot of interesting things to do outside of work.I have always believed in...
This blog discusses optimal leverage as it pertains to your investmentsI was wandering around for a couple of days in a listless funk after hearing that Bear Stearns stock was trading at $2/ share and a titan of Wall Street had gone down.  I wasn't happy at all that these overpaid financiers had ...
I'd like to see lenders work their way through these foreclosures and get healthier so that home prices can stabilize and resume appreciation.In these inflationary times with April Gold futures at $1,000 and oil hovering around $110/barrel, by all accounts people need an inflation hedge, the most...
We just got back from a WCR luncheon.  The speaker was from the BBB and gave a statistic that I thought was very thought provoking.  He said that when a client has a good experience, they will tell three people.  When a client has a bad experience, they tell eleven.Of course when any consumer has...
This post discusses, overimproved or large homes in medium size neighborhoods.In our area, each subdivision has five or six builders which leads often leads to this type of dilemma.The subdivision has 200 homes averaging 1600-2000 square feet.  The builder says to himself, I like this neighborhoo...

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