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Once, I had clients that bought a big home that needed fifteen internal piers and the tenants had convinced the courthouse to put the home in their name!! Instead of running in the other direction, my clients pursued the house because it was cheap. It took seven months to unravel the issue with t...
When people ask me these days how the market is, I tell them it depends which price range you are talking about. In the Tulsa and surrounding suburbs, the absorption rate shows that the dividing line is around $400,000. Sub $400,000, the absorption rate is five months or less, above the price, th...
Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad which is the best selling personal finance book of all time. He likes to point out that a home is a liability rather than an asset. This has always been a bit of a headscratcher for me, I know that if you listen to him or read his books, he often...
Some people fight technology, they don't like it, they get stuck, complain and their anxiety level goes way up. Our company offered Dotloop to Realtors two years ago, there are still people in the company that don't know how to use it. Technology can be a tool, or it can enslave, it all depends o...
1. There is an ebb and flow to the course of a match. Tennis is unusual in that there is no clock, it ends when someone wins the last point. You can actually win fewer points than your opponent and win the match, this is known as the Simpson's Paradox. What this means is that you can hit a lot of...
Here's how it went down, I have actually changed the numbers slightly, I don't want to talk specifically about names, amounts, banks involved. I had actually read something about this and then I heard about a specific instance where it happened to a local agent.1) The agent emails the buyer the w...
One of the homes has an awesome custom game room and overlooks the 14th hole, the other is in a completely different area, backs to a pond and is within their stated budget. Both are really nice homes, the awesome couple are having trouble deciding and eventually their discussions start to get he...
Absorption Cost is often presented as a way to differentiate yourself on presentations because not every agent will know how to calculate this. Basically, one grabs the number of home sales competitive with the subject property in a given time frame, divides by the number of months to get the hom...
This is easy to overlook for many sellers or agents, it is the appraiser that you now need to sell the home to! Especially in the case that the home is very nice and has a lot of upgrades that put the home in the top tier in a neighborhood, it needs to be in tip top showing condition when the app...
I have run into this a few times over the years, the gap between the expectation of cleanliness between buyer and seller is not specifically mentioned in the contract and can cause a problem.Many times, buyers and sellers are extremely busy moving from one dwelling to another and there is a wide...

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