This is a great place to relax and unwind after a full week of work.  This is exactly what you would think of when you think of a drive in.  They have a refreshment stand with all of your favorite foods and candies.  The atmosphere is friendly and warm.  My wife and I love to go up whenever we ge...
Here is a handy time-line for reference when you are house hunting! Once you find a Realtor to work with and a lender to get a loan from you are going to go through each stage of this process.  I know it seems like it is an overwhelming process but if you take each step one at a time it will be e...
While I have experienced this a 1000 times it never stops amazing me.  I helped a friend and business associate setup her business website today.  It took about 3 hours and I a ton of other business to attend to but I made the time for her.  Boy did it pay off.  I found several tools that I did n...
I have a client that is going through a foreclosure.  She is moving in with a relative that can not have a dog so she needs to place her dog someplace.  I do not know alot about dog placement services.  Do you have any suggestion on where I should start to help her?  She is worried that if she gi...
I had a client about a year ago that needed to get her home sold.  To say the least it was not an easy sale.  Lots of damage to the house and the parts that where fixed where not so attractive.  The day before closing she had 2 broken down cars towed to the property.  She said she just had to buy...
I had a very strange day.  I got up on time and ran, took my vitamins and started my day on the right foot.  I was in my home office early in the morning checking my email and my Internet stopped working.  So I went to the basement to check what was happening.  And I was shocked to find water all...
I have been running into this problem alot lately and I thought I would put it out to the community.  I run a homes magazine add in our local area. And I get about 130 Buyer calls each month from it.  I have been getting calls from buyers calling on my add and asking for my advice about how to wo...
01/03/2007 2:37pmI feel like I have found a GOLDMINE here!  WOW!

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