Today our topic is "How to ask for a testimonial letter." We are going to talk about why you want to use them, how you generate them and what specifically to ask to create marketing messages that simply sell. Top sales people have been using testimonial letters to sell products and services from...
Here is my disclosure on this very sensitive subject.  I am not suggesting a commission schedule to any of you and I am not a lawyer in Massachusetts where this took place but I thought it was a discussion that was worth having with other professionals.  I was recently involved in a transaction o...
  Lately, I have been grinding out my business.  I am doing my business activities by shear force of will.  I call it the "blood and guts" system.  What I have found is if you can have a plan to remind me of my goal when I am less than motivated I can shift my attitude.  I have a mp3 player on my...
Welcome to the Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course.     Please take some time to download the "MASSLICENSELAWSUMMARY" pdf  by clicking here and print it out and bring it with you to the next class.     Feedback from former students has been that learning the vocabulary and reading through the book a...
  I just wanted to let the community know about this great tool for getting through all of the reading that we have to do in our industry. I have dyslexia and have studied speed reading and other study methods and the major drawback is that you have to do practice to keep your skills sharp.  Rapi...
 Professionals meet at Panera Bread in West Springfield to discuss Web2.0 technologies.  They have been demonstrating BLOGGING tools, online communities and aggregtors.  Among the topics where the following:Word PressBloggerType PadActive RainPodcastingBLOGGING (RSS Feeds)NetVibes 
This is one of my favorite tools.  My background is photography and computer graphics so I have all the cool software like Photo-shop and Dreamweaver but I have to admit I use this little $35.00 utility much more just because of its ease of use.  I can capture anything on my screen to a file with...
I know that the industry standard for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools in the Real Estate industry is most likely Top Producer.  But I have had a great deal of success with GoldMine from FrontRange Solutions.  I thought I would do a run down of the feature that I like the most.I do no...
 Goals we all talk about them but I like to put my money where my mouth is.  So I am invoking the massive accountability of the Rain to help me with my lead generation goal.  I understand everyone wants accountability until they get it but here it goes I am asking for your help.  Please help me b...

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