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Helping others achieve their goals while providing over the top marketing and insider information to the local market.
Relying solely upon customer service, work ethic, and organizational skills is long gone. Don't get me is easy to thrive in a normal market when mistakes are quickly erased by increasing property values. Simply matching buyers and sellers as a profession will not cut it in this market...
I recently dealt with a lender from a National Bank who insisted upon placing the amount that the buyer qualified for in the prequalification letter. After many years of study and implimentation I have come to the conclusion that I am doing a complete disservice to my buyer by showing the listing...
After doing my taxes for 2009 I have come to the conclusion that I want to pay more taxes in 2010. I also want to work closely with my cpa to make sure that I maximize deductions. There are many oportunities to get ahead this year. I belive that helping others acheive their goals will pay back bi...
Quite often I am asked by future sellers for a list of options that are available to them. To me this translates into a cry for HELP. After explaining the laws of Agency, and asking them a dozen or so questions regarding their current financial status, objectives, & ability to pay the mortgage......
I do not want to focus on the negatives and pain that currently exists across the country. But I do have to acknowledge that it exists and look for possible solutions.  Many families have simply thrown up their hands and have given in to what seems to be the inevitable loss of their home. Short S...
The past few years have been extremely difficult for many people in the Mystic Country region of CT as well as the rest of the country. I am often asked about the opportunities presented by foreclosures, short sales, and REO properties.  Don't get me wrong, there are opportunities, for those peop...
As a real estate professional, I am forced to acknowledge the factors leading to the purchase of property on a daily basis. Most buyers and sellers have points of view driven by their own interest in a specific property.   Sellers typically believe that their property is worth more than other pr...
I am often being asked if I feel that Condos are particularly risky in these trying times. Let me shed some light on the condo market and try to help you make the best decision possible. I will focus in on the primary resident condo market as opposed to investment properties in Aspen or on the oc...
5 years ago most real estate markets were thriving....all except for one. The commercial multi family marketplace was taking a major hit. After all, anyone with a pulse could get a loan and purchase a single family home as opposed to renting. Vacancies were at an all time high and many commercial...
My team and I religiously track the real estate market in search of information that will give us a competitive advantage and help our clients. On a biweekly basis we take each of our listings and monitor the # of properties in direct competition; how many new properties have been added to the ma...


B.S. Real Estate (UConn)
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Tim is a trusted Real Estate Advisor and leader for SeaPort Real Estate Group at William Pitt – Sotheby’s International Real Estate. In addition to 14+ years of professional experience, Tim is only 1 of 2 agents in the region with a 4 year degree in real estate and urban economics. While earning the distinction of top 5% in sales volume in the area, Tim has built a clientele both locally and internationally without parallel. He has attracted these clients with a unique combination of service, integrity and hard work. With Tim you will find a person who listens to your requirements and develops a personalized plan to achieve your goals. In short, Tim represents sellers and buyers in the most desirable areas of Southeastern Connecticut with skill, marketing savvy, dedication and the highest degree of professionalism. Areas of Expertise Chartered Real Estate Agent | SeaPort Real Estate Group at William Pitt – Sotheby's International Real Estate | Stonington office, Tim is a very active realtor who commands a substantial market share of the high-end residential real estate business in Southeastern Connecticut. He represents buyers and sellers of some of the most expensive and prestigious homes in Mystic Country and surrounding areas. In addition to the deposition and acquisition of luxury properties, second homes and rentals units, Tim possesses intimate knowledge and familiarity with the areas resorts, land development, apartment and commercial real estate markets. Education and Experience Tim is a Maine native who has been involved in real estate all his life and subsequently received his degree in Real Estate & Urban Economics from the University of Connecticut (Uconn). As a true professional, Tim’s creativity, experience, and education have enabled him to become a real estate expert and thrive at William Pitt – Sotheby's International Real Estate. Tim is a master marketer, leveraging the latest and most useful technologies and a prolific networker whose goal is to increase the revenue streams of those within his sphere of influence. Tim also specializes in Strategic Planning, Comprehensive Market Analysis, Property Valuation, 1031 Exchange and Investment Brokerage. Previously, Tim worked as a Director for where he developed 15 national markets and helped build the company into the largest commercial real estate research, marketing and information service in the United States.