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Tim Bray, B.S. Real Estate (UConn) (Seaport Real Estate Services) Real Estate Broker/Owner



Tim Bray
B.S. Real Estate (UConn)
location_on Mystic, CT — Seaport Real Estate Services
Get to Know Tim Bray

Tim Bray – Broker (B.S. Real Estate & Urban Economics – UConn)

Owner –Seaport Commercial, Seaport Real Estate group, Seaport Auctions & Seaport Advisory.

After receiving his degree in Real Estate & Urban Economics from UConn, Tim was immediately snatched up by CoStar Group, a fledgling Commercial Real Estate Information Company in Washington DC with a big idea. This company would go on to change the commercial real estate industry as a whole. Tim’s time with Costar helped to forge a foundation of success based on values, change, opportunity, technology, perseverance, principles, and hard work. It was during these years at CoStar that Tim realized happiness was a product of time well spent helping others achieve their goals.

After years of validation, Tim’s preconceived belief that the residential real estate industry is comprised of ill-informed, often well-intentioned, impromptu salespeople, with a ring the register mindset caused him to disassociate with the mainstream and look for solutions to systemic problems.

While at Sotheby’s, Tim formed Seaport Real Estate Group, a unique assemblage of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds capable of changing the industry. Amplifying successes, embracing failures, and identifying problematic industry undercurrents led to the creation of Seaport Real Estate Services.

Seaport Real Estate Services is a multi-faceted brokerage house, woven tightly together by a client-centric advisory approach backed by hardcore valuation principles. This company represents a higher level of real estate knowledge, service, attention to detail, marketing, honesty, integrity, and ability to negotiate on a client’s behalf. Through this advisory philosophy, a network of reputable clientele and like minded agents has grown globally.

Demand for services, outside the box thinking, and a track record of achievement, enables Seaport’s members to be selective with whom they work. Quality, as opposed to quantity, creates a level of focus and accountability that minimizes risk and maximizes return, one client at a time.

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B.S. Real Estate & Urban Economims (UConn) 1 of 2 in the region

Chartered Real Estate Agent | Seaport Real Estate Services | Seaport Auctions | Seaport Commercial.  He represents buyers and sellers of some of the most expensive and prestigious homes in Mystic Country and surrounding areas.  In addition to the deposition and acquisition of luxury properties, second homes and rentals units, Tim possesses intimate knowledge and familiarity with properties in all price ranges. He enjoys working with people who appreciate his uncharacteristic skills and sense of humor.

Education and Experience

Tim is a Maine native who has been involved in real estate all his life and subsequently received his degree in Real Estate & Urban Economics from the University of Connecticut (Uconn).  As a true professional, Tim’s creativity, experience, and education have enabled him to become a real estate expert and thrive.  Tim is a master marketer, leveraging the latest and most useful technologies and a prolific networker whose goal is to increase the revenue streams of those within his sphere of influence.  Tim also specializes in Strategic Planning, Comprehensive Market Analysis, Property Valuation, 1031 Exchange and Investment Brokerage.

Previously, Tim worked as a Director for Costar.com where he developed 15 national markets and helped build the company into the largest commercial real estate research, marketing and information service in the United States. 


Top 1% of Agents Globally


Thinking outside the box, Valuation, Marketing, Consultation, Networking, (Fiduciary) placing my Client's needs above my own, listening, being a great Dad and Husband, realizing that the only path to success and happiness is by helping as many people as I possibly can.

Michelle Jacobik
Tim had our house on the market and the same day we had 4 'showings' scheduled. In a market where properties "sit' he had done his due diligence and showed us right where to price the home so it WOULD SELL quickly. Had we not taken his advice we would still be paying for two homes. Using Tim, we were at the closing table within 5 weeks! Your knowledge of the marketplace & how to represent a seller is just awesome!
Stacy O'Connell
Tim, with his attention to detail and quick responses, made a tough situation so much easier. He is detail oriented, explains everything well, answers questions directly and does it all with a passion and style that are uniquely Tim Bray. Recommending Tim to anyone would be a pleasure because his honesty and tireless effort is absolutely priceless.
Jim & Wendy Pray
We HIGHLY recommend Tim. In fact, we have used him as our real estate agent 3 times! Two times as sellers and one time as buyers. In addition to his professional knowledge, he is an honest and loyal man to his client. He kept us well informed throughout the entire transaction, and kept our best interests in mind at all times. We never hesitate to recommend him to anyone we know. Wendy & Jim Stonington, CT
Robert Marsee
I had my home on the market for one day and had a several offers. One offer sight unseen, all due to the amazing marketing that Tim Bray put together for my home. I could not be happier with the results of the sale.
Sindi Mannochi
Tim Bray is honest, knows the business well and always there for a phone call. He did a great job from the beginning to listing the property and through the sale of the property. I couldn't have picked a better agent!

1 of 2 agents in the region with a four year degree in Real Estate & Urban Economics from UConn. I am a true Fiduciary and have alligned myself with local reputable business people to help you.