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It is my goal to show you my personality, character, and work ethic. It is through this venue that I hope to generate more business, and more happy clients/friends.
Will you be shopping the early morning sales on the Friday following Thanksgiving?  Are you the type that is out pre-dawn?  Do your legs get weary from all of the wandering?  I have a great solution to give you a break and to help get you into the Christmas Spirit! Macy's will be hosting it's an...
You may not know this about Oregon.  It is one of the top producing wine regions in the United States.  And, may I say...for good reason!  This is not the first year I have let you know about this event.  You may have read about it in a past post of mine, or it may be news to you.  Either way, th...
15 Comments attitude.  The attitude of those around me.  The attitudes of potential clients.  Guess what???  It all starts...With ME! Those of you who have read my posts through my time here on AR know that I am a pretty positive and optimistic person.  My faith spurs me on, even when I do not...
  I would like to congratulate Diana Redding of Studio One on her success in this month's Featured Business.  Diana's motto for her studio is, "We love to dance...and it shows!"  As a family who has been involved with this studio, I can attest that Diana and each of the staff members holds this ...
Inspired by Inna Hardison's tribute to her son, I wanted to share with you about living the dream. I am the blessed and (usually) fortunate mom of an almost ten year old competitive, testosterone prone, sports minded boy, Derek.  He, along with my daughter, are a dream come true for me.  While I ...
Hello to all of my Active Rain friends!  I have been away for a little while recently.  While you may wonder what has been going on with me, I can and will answer those questions for you in this post.  Not to fear, there is nothing that was wrong.  To the contrary, my business has been exceeding ...
Get out the Vote, Rock the Vote.  I do not particularly care how you vote.  Just vote.  In this critical time of American history in the making, we need to hear the voice of Oregonians.  We need to be a part of both the national and local landscape.  Do you really want to be the one vote that loo...
In today's economic turmoil and heated political scene, we rarely hear news that is uplifting or encouraging.  This morning - today - is not any different.  I wanted to share with you a glimmer of hope which I found on the MSNBC website today.  While researching the emergency rate cut enacted by ...
 MY LITTLE GIRL ~  MY LOVE  Today, I celebrate one of my favorite days of the year!  My little girl...Breana, turns ten years old.  In honor of this little miracle's birthday, I want to celebrate her first decade of life.  What better way to do that than by sharing a bit of her life and personali...
Here I am, as busy as I have ever been, thinking and pondering all things mortgage related.  I have been having epiphany after epiphany related to my industry ~ my business.  I could not help but share this one with all of you.Recently, one of my great realizations is that our clients are buying ...

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