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Ok i can't go another month, paying over 100 dollars to fill up the tank on my car every week.  I'm trading it in.  Does anybody know the best car for the dollar on gas.  I perfer a luxury model car, but i'm also concerned about having to purchase the 93 octane fuel with is more expensive.  Seein...
Well i can see that i am not the only one who's business is a little off from a year ago this time.  With gas pices rising and home sales decreasing, I have decided to make a few life style changes.  I no linger eat lunch out 5 days a week, instead i cook a larger dinner and take the leftover to ...
This 3 bedroom, 2 bath is move-in ready!  Fresh paint, new lighting fixtures, huge backyard, and entertaining deck on the rear makes this home a must-have.  Sale includes 1 year old storage building and 1 year home warranty.
Click on the following link to view the flyer for an exclusive new listing.  I expect this home to sell very quickly because of location, condition, and pricing.  "No Time - For Sale" for 4709 Meadowcroft Road, Greensboro, NCFeel free to view the flyer and make any comments warranted.  If you wan...
"Unlock your dreams" for 604 Bingham Street, Greensboro, NCJust listed this new home in Greensboro.  Click on the above link to see the flyer for the property.  More pictures are available and I guarantee you will be WOWED by the features and upgrades in this home.  This home is beautifully decor...
I was recently attended a presentation of the World Leadership Group Real estate Marketing corp., the presentation was very good(maybe too good to be true).  So i was wondering if anybody else has researched of is currently a member of this new firm.  I know they have been in business for a littl...
While traveling to work today around 7AM this morning, i notice a soldier in a full camouflage uniform walking along the road.  On his back was a backpack that was very clean to see contain a heavy amount of weight.  At first i passed the young man that could not be no more than 20 years old.  As...
Very rarely do i ask for or look forward to it raining, but when go through a dry season like this, i'm praying for it.  The funny thing is I'm praying for it to rain weather wise and production wise.  I don't know what  the market is doing for you fellow realtors around the country, i hope it is...
Recently i have been asked alot by my buyers, why there are a lack of homes in the Greensboro area of North Carolina with basements.  Not being from North Carolina, i really don't know myself, why they haven't build homes with basements.  Builders are now building homes with basements for an aver...
I just watched the Democratic debate on CNN,  so i was just wondering how my fellow real estate agents felt about the future of Real estate after the 2008 election.  Do you feel our business will increase or do you think we will be hit with more taxes.  I guess time will tell buti do know that ou...

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