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Visit Black Mountain Town Square Red Rocker is open Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with seatings from 5-8 p.m. Also serving breakfast on Christmas and New Year’s Day 8:30-9:30 a.m. 669-5991, The Madison Inn is serving dinner Christmas Eve 5-8 p.m. Open Christmas Day from ...
Website version of December 2010 newsletter for PPG Having trouble viewing this email? Click here NC New Contract Jan 1st 2010 Upturn in sales - Honey I want a home for Christmas! December 2010   Quick Links   Tools   Town Squares (many more on website)       Dear Rowena, How did we arrive at Chr...
See other blogs on this topic here NC Changing The Way You Purchase and Sell a Home North Carolina's Real Estate Commission is changing the way you purchase and sell a home in just a couple of weeks, from January 1st 2011. There is no longer 'Alternative 1, with its inspections and many requirem...
The Due dilligence fee can (technically) be $0.  We think it may be moving towards more earnest money being put down to make the offer more serious. If the buyer is saying they will get a 90% mortgage, if representing the seller, I would be asking for 10% down. Often here, earnest money is $500 o...
I was wondering whether I have had enough coffee this morning, as I am doing research for my Biltmore Lake listing in Asheville. I am used to finding 2 or 3 times the homes for sale, compared to what has sold in a neighborhood for the past year. Such a refreshing change to see more sold. Of cours...
This is the first in a series of blogs on the new contract for purchasing homes in North Carolina that will cause a major change in how people buy and sell property in North Carolina. We are moving from inspection, loan and various other contingencies to something more similar to the commercial c...
Has anyone dealt with this? I spend thousands of dollars each month purchasing leads that we then set up on property drips and put into our system. We have a lead coordinator who calls the 150 or so that come in each week. That person has been told a few times now by the potential buyer 'I'm work...
The City of Asheville has a great website that can easily direct you to the right place if you want to find out about zoning for your home. Contact the Planning and zoning department. Before the appropriate approval or permit can be issued for a development project, some specific site information...
take 2 minutes to ADD your voice here To see this online click here Summary See complete responses Previews I show too many homes to spend time giving in depth feedback   3 27% I give in depth feedback   2 18% I try to put constructive solutions in my feedback   7 64% Previews are a waste of all ...
Link to properties sold in Poplar Ridge Asheville Here Properties for sale in Poplar Ridge Asheville Here Poplar Ridge gated community in south Asheville NC Poplar Ridge Gated community located in south Asheville Five acres of parks, hiking trails and green space Home site sizes range from one to...

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