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It is with great pleasure and excitement that I have made the change to a new office in the Santa Clarita Valley. SCV Home Buyer, specializing in of all things foreclosure properties. Bas Panch is the broker that truly has a gift for convincing banks to list there properties for a quick sale. Cur...
To understand what I would like to convey, a little ground work needs to be done. Ask your self this question. In the last few days what have you complained about. The heat, rain, to much wind, not enough traffic in that listing you have had for the last eight months, sellers are not listening, b...
Always this time of year I start getting really excited. Why, because September is not far off, and in my mind that is the start of fall. I love that time of year when the weather starts cooling some what, Monsoons blow in to the high desert (it gets a little muggy). And the best's h...
OK all of you baseball purist's. I can't believe no one has written about the all star game the other night. In my opinion that was the best game in recent memory. There was some offense, at the plate and the base's. Oh and how many guys were thrown out at the plate. You had awesome pitching from...
Greetings! I am raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a participant in their Team In Training and I'm asking you to help by making a contribution.  Each donation helps accelerate cures for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma and brings hope to the patients and families who are on the fr...
Buyers, what are you thinking right now? I use the term "buyers" loosely. Let me qualify what I term are buyers.   A buyer is a person that has a strong desire and the need to buy something, anything. You can not classify a person a buyer by virtue of putting them in your car and driving them aro...
If you have lived in Santa Clarita for some time, then chances are you have driven past a large vacant piece of Santa Clarita real estate at the corner of McBean and Decoro, that in the past few months has undergone a transformation. The parcel is owned by the Metropolitan Water District, and was...
Recently I bought an Epson v200 photo scanner. After scanning and touching up with the scanners software I still was not satisfied with the end result. Then I remembered a post that Jeff Turner of Real Estate Shows had done last year talking about a site called Picnik that he used to really snaz ...
All right Mr Moderator, you win!! Recently I have had several of my posts pulled on Baseball talk 101 because they were say the least in baseball content. So I have only baseball content for this post. (for the most part anyway) Are you a little fed up with these touted phenom won...
Recently I read a post Missy Caulk wrote about how the government has a goal that by 2030 20% of our electricity will be generated from wind using windmills. While I am glad that we are looking for natural resources to produce power. It disturbs me that we will forsake the beauty of a horizon by ...

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