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CBS & ABC News have both done stories on this subject. This option is being circulated as a great way to avaoid foreclosure. The question that I ponder is to look at this concept of "who possesses" the note in  light of another aspect of a loan. Should you want to sell your home and pay off the n...
Well, It seems like things are starting to turn around, for Florida at least.  Prices are sown to a point where there are obvious bargains on the market.  Poor economy or not, investors know when the price is right.  ________________________________________________________________________________...
  "I'm here every evening selling chowder and ice tea;  should have gone to freeee credit report dot com  I could have seen this coming like and atom bomb. They monitor your credit report and send you email alerts so you don't end up selling fish to tourists in T-shirts. "   I have seen that comm...
I got into Real Estate after a successful run owning a "Good Hands" insurance agency in the Midwest. The agency was sold and we moved to Florida because I was sick and tired of the cold snowy winters. Silly me, I entered Real Estate thinking I would...of all things sell REAL ESTATE! Maybe I took ...
I am in the midst of 2 short sales and need some information on contacts for Citibank. I need some contact names, numbers and titles of people who work for Citibank. I have been dealing with a group of people in the St. Louis area and have had a terrible experience. If you are willing to share co...
In my previous post entitled, "It's a buyers market, have we bothered to tell our sellers" I spoke of the challenges we face as Realtors to prep our sellers for lower offers and explaining to them that the buyer is not their foe. I also spoke of the Real Estate Guru, Katie Couric. My local paper ...
The Closing Table......That is where I get paid for all the hard work  I have done. In my opinion, if you are reaping the benefits of the sale, I feel you should be at the closing. (no I do not mean the appraiser, home inspecter etc.) I do expect to see both the Realtors, and the loan officer. If...
I have seen a million and one networking groups. I don't play golf, participate in yoga, (what is up with a downward facing dog????)  and am not much of a drinker so many of the after hours social groups don't have a big draw to me, however, I have found something that I would like to start and a...
We all know it is a buyers market, Katie Couric, a.k.a. CBS's Real Esate Guru, told me so on the CBS evening news a couple nights ago. So has every other media outlet. All the Realtors know and so do the Buyers, but has anyone bothererd to tell the sellers yet? Obviously, the sellers also see the...
Perhaps my posting will be deleted because it does not directly relate to Real Estate.Having said that I consider this site to be a cornucopia of facts and know that with the vast number of bloggers & members perhaps I will be able to glean some knowledge from all the active rainers.I have Celiac...

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