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ActiveRain is a great website to read and learn about different real estate market areas, changed in lending, and a wide range of other topics.I check in regularly and read posts to learn more, but I do not post anything myself very often.Why?Well, I write regularly on my personal website, realto...
This is great news for many condo sellers and buyers. Thank you, Gene, for breaking down the changes and the reasons why this affects things for FHA condo buyers and sellers!     FHA Changes to Condo Guidelines ... Why They Matter   FHA (Federal Housing Administration) has announced that it is is...
A good laugh - but also - WOW. A professional real estate agent can help show your home in the best light. Most of us make sure the pictures are taken by someone with pants on. Thank you to Sharon Tara for the post! For any real estate needs in Towson, Maryland or around the Baltimore Metropolita...
I have been a Towson, Maryland real estate agent for over 20 years.Wow.Just typing it reminds me of just how much I have grown in this business.Twenty years ago, the real estate agent's job was rather different. In Maryland, Buyer Agency had JUST become law, and agents were navigating the change....
This is SUCH a fantastic posts on grey colors and how they pair with others and look in person.Thank you to Kristine Ginsberg of Elite Staging in New Jersey for this very comprehensive look at gray paint and coloring!  Okay, so maybe not fifty, but enough examples of tried and true grays that alw...
This post by Robert Spinosa came at a perfect time in a discussion I was having with a past and potentially future client. The clients only were aware of a bridge loan, so this information was perfect to send to them!Thank you, Robert! Buy Before Selling?  Four Sure! Four Sure!   In strong seller...
Baltimore City has a new rental law that went into effect on August 1, 2018.Though the law was enacted in the beginning of August, landlords have until January 1, 2019 to comply.Part of the reason for the length of time alloted for compliance is due to the new law that requires Baltimore City lan...
Moving Day.Exhausting.High Stress.Exciting.Did I mention exhausting?As real estate agents, we understand our clients have to do so much to prepare to move, and that the actual day is full of all of the above.But what happens when WE move?Well, guess what? We are exhausted. Full of stress. Excited...
Thank you so much, Khash, for this information.Overlay is an important term to know and understand! "Overlay" is a word which real estate agents need to learn.  What does it mean and why is it such an important word to learn? Easy. It is the reason why some lenders will approve a loan while other...
Lots of changes coming, and they seem like great ones. Thank you to @Rob Spinosa for the details and great information! Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes to C, C, C, Condos   At various times over the last 10 years, getting a mortgage on a condominium in California could have been quite the challenge for a hom...

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