“Yeah I’m gonna get my real estate license, sling a lotta homes, make a lotta money and get rich the easy way!”  - Dum Dum               It’s not easy. I use to think that after I got my Real Estate license I’ll be selling homes and getting rich quick. I didn’t realize how much work it involved. ...
As a former active duty United States Marine I take pride in the comradery we have as our world's largest collective force. We may give each other a lot of grief over who's the more elite or strongest branch (we all know it's the Marines *wink*wink*) but, we are all connected in a way that the ge...
Creating a Team doesn't happen overnight. In many cases you'll spend days, weeks, months coming up with a business or team name, logo, team contracts, and a proper business plan. A lot of these things you may already have in your head. You just need to get it down on paper. And, as mentioned in o...
For the last few years' Legacy Church of Northwest Arkansas throws a little party called Shoes @ the Park. This year it will be held on August, 13th 2016 from 10 am to 12 pm and they have a goal to give away at least 1,000 pairs of shoes! Last year they blessed over 600 pairs of feet!  If you or ...
                I don’t know about you but I despised writing in my mileage for every. single. stop… It’s far more time consuming that it should have to be. And if you’re as busy as I am you don’t want to keep jotting down on a clipboard each address, time in and out, reason for the stop, who you...
Driving back from Panama City Beach after my first vacation in years. I’m not driving, I’m sitting in the passenger seat googling how to start a blog. Have you ever felt that after a vacation you need a vacation from your vacation? This trip was probably the best trip I’ve ever had and very bless...

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