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 Have you ever been left wondering what is about to happen? Have you agreed to meet someone but don't know all the details? Have you planned a trip but don't know how you are going to get there or where you are going to stay?Are you an agent that, during a transaction, only communicates with your...
Several years ago I was a General Manager and Trainer in the restaurant industry. When looking for great Team Members and Trainers there was one thing that always rang true. You can't teach passion. You can teach someone the functions of a postion but you cant teach them to be passionate about it...
When we first start out in Real Estate we are told to put together your sphere of influence. We are told to include everyone you have contact with. We list out "all" the people we know who like us. We have included past co-workers, friends, family members, parents of our childrens friends, our sp...
We are living in digital world. Meetings are scheduled on our calendars that are accessible on our phones, computers, tablets and watches. We get notifications of when to leave for meetings, when our meeting are about to start and when we are late for meetings. What other ways are successful peop...

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