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Taking a buyer through a property; the bathroom must be spacious, and clean. the sinks also have alot to do with the feel of it aswell. the sinks really give off how much square footage a bathroom has. update the bathroom, get rid of all the old vanity. Also, the bedroom should appeal to both sex...
Have Some Fun With Color on Your Front Door   Front doors are many times a different color than the rest of the house.  Many people use this opportunity to splash some character on their otherwise beige and white exterior paint color.  Many times, we will see a home that is conservative in color...
FOR A WALKTHROUGH! I recently took some clients for  a showing at a property. The moment i walked in, i was greeted by a toysoldier  that i stepped on. After that, the house was muggy, some mold growing in corners of the wall. Also, they happen to be cooking as well ! the house reaked like bacon ...
Where do i start, everyone has been so receptive. This community is a cornucopia of Real estate, and personal growth knowledge. I am extremely glad i joined. I hope everyone has a great day.
Listing agents have long pleaded with sellers to vacate the premises during showings.  Agents have agreed to accompany all showings in an effort to placate their seller clients, agents have purchased expensive electronic key boxes and subscribed to monthly access services to open said key boxes,...
Think about the top five people you’re spending time with... Are they successful? Committed to their craft? Do they get motivated when they need to? If this sounds like the people you’ve surrounded yourself with, chances are good that you’re going to be pretty successful yourself. On the other h...

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