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If you are looking for a knowledgeable, focused and goal-oriented Realtor in the NW Florida area who will help you achieve your Real Estate goals, please reach out to me directly! If you are looking for a pet friendly Emerald Coast Realtor who can handle and sell the most difficult properties that no one else could, please reach out to me directly!! If you are considering buying or selling a home, a luxury home, luxury investment real estate, luxury vacation homes, or luxury beach properties in and along the Gulf Coast.
We are definitely entering the decorating season.  It starts with Halloween, moves into Thanksgiving and then the crown of decorating is definitely Christmas.  Christmas is in the stores already but I am sorry, This is just a little early.  I still wear a swim suit to do my morning walk.   Are yo...
 This year as always, I am prepared.  I know the candy will go on sale the day after but THEY said that there might be a candy shortage this year. I have also checked the candy for any potential problems.   and   IT IS OK The perfect home awaits you and finding it doesn't have to be scary. I can ...
I am not going to carve up a pumpkin this year, especially after reading the following info graphic.  I am not sure why we switched to Pumpkin but I think the move was a good one.  The following is courtesy of the History Channel.   The rest of the story. People have been making jack-o’-lanterns ...
YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING A MORTGAGE.I am not sure of your living situation.  You just might be living rent/mortgage free but.  If you are paying rent for your current home.  You are paying a mortgage, it is just not your mortgage.  Buying a home is a big step towards financial independence.  It is ...
In the things that I had always believed would never change.  I always thought that Pizza would be made out of Pizza. My mother never really had to force me to eat my vegetables.  Cauliflower was not on the table very often but when it did show up.  It was high on my list.  Anything covered with ...
Is there a new home in your future?Have you purchased a home in the past? How was that experience?What would you do anything differently or not a thing at all? I am not sure if there is anything I can do to help you if you do not want my help.  I love my business but we need to get together with ...
Finding the perfect home is not impossible but it can be challenging. You need to use every resource available including your selected realtor. The perfect home for you might not be currently on the market but we can atleast narrow down the search by selecting the neighborhood that will suit your...
Another step back towards the new normal.  We have a Challenge for you.   Here we are with only 3 months left in 2020, scary isn't it.  We imagine most of us are saying - thank goodness to that!  And we're betting that you think so as well!  What a spooky year it's been... on many levels.     Car...
This term is a fundamental for any investing.  It works for bank investments as well as real estate investments.   You do need to be realistic about the entire process.  I have always said that real estate is part of a balanced portfolio.  Interest rates are very low.  The stock market is doing v...
Some one needs to pay the mortgage.   That is a fact.   Do you want to be that person or are you happy with throwing away your money and paying rent so some one else can pay the mortgage.   1.  Do you have money for a down payment or closing expenses? 2.  Do you understand what it takes to mainta...

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