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This Podcast delves into the Frequently Unasked Question, "What's the difference between large brokerage firms and smaller independent firms?" We discuss several important differences that most people would never know to ask. If you are considering selling your home you’ve no doubt driven around...
As a frequently unasked question and part of our real estate REVEALED series, we delve into how the median price is determined and reported for your city. Listen right here or subscribe to our Podcast by clicking on the upper left RSS icon. This graph illustrates the appreciation for homes which...
With all of the attention on November’s Presidential election, financial institutions folding over like the house of cards they were made of, and the bitter $7 Billion dollar bail-out pill that no one should have to swallow, it’s amazing any real estate transactions were done at all. Here’s how t...
You’ve no doubt heard the term “staging” a home but there’s a lot more to getting your home ready for sale than just bringing in plants and re-arranging furniture.   Listen your our short video Podcast to see several homes we completely updated. Download market_ready.m4v Download market_ready.m4v 
Belmont’s housing sales for the month of September are in the books and the less than stellar report is probably not surprising given what you instinctively know.   Consumer confidence numbers are indicative of consumer sentiment and consumer confidence, although slightly higher than in August, i...
In our last newsletter issue we mentioned how some of Belmont’s streets got their names and we were coxed to include some more in this edition. We also included a teaser about Belmont’s first and only golf course so we’ll dispense with that first. Unfortunately for golf fans, the course is not s...
    This is a great opportunity to get out and support the Save the Music foundation while enjoying a great day with your neighbors and friends. The whole town becomes one giant street faire with food vendors, music and dancing—all outdoors at the Twin Pines Park. “Twin Pines Park is the perfect ...
Anyone trying to understand the wild fluctuations in Belmont's median home price need look no further than this chart.   We've tracked the median home price in Belmont over the last year-ever since the mortgage crises. What we were looking for was the impact it would have on home values. We sure ...
Belmont's Chamber of Commerce offers this special event calendar for Belmont: ~~~~~~~ Town Meeting at the Lodge   June 5th 7pm-8:30 Topic: Public Utility Commission     Any other Question Regarding Belmont? This is the Place Click here ~~~~~~~   Blood Drives Click here for more information...    ...
Join us in The Twin Pines park Saturday, May 17th and help us go Green! Carlmont Associates is proud to be a part of this important opportunity to learn about ways to help our environment and create a sustainable furture.From Belmont's Homepage:Date(s):5/17/2008Times:10am - 3pmContact:Parks & Rec...

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