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Ideally you would always be able to coordinate your house closing dates so that the house you buy closes on the same day as the house you sell. In practicality, closings rarely line up, and when they do it can be extremely stressful to close and move on the same day, especially if there are delay...
Capital gains tax is one of the most common areas of questioning I receive as a real estate practitioner. Capital gains typically do not apply to home sales in Canada, except where the home is not the seller’s principle residence. While I am no tax expert, the following information may help. For ...
September 15, 2011 Average Home Prices Across Canada in August   Average Home Prices Across Canada in August* A couple of surprises for me, notably Saskatoon at $309,000 and Newfoundland at $247,000 Canada $350,000 Victoria $532,000 Vancouver $791,000 Calgary $405,000 Edmonton $325,000 Saskatoon ...
I have to say, I dislike the idea of a rental hot water tank. In Ontario rental tanks have become accepted practice - I estimate that more than 95% of homes have one. When you consider the cost of renting (about $18/month) versus the cost of buying (about $850 installed), the tank would be bought...
Number of Homes sold in Oakville each month in 2011 Selling Price   Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan                     Less than $300,000   26 32 36 33 27 28 17  14 $300,000-$500,000   85 111 122 143 116 136 102  69 $500,000-$700,000   67 78 114 109 95 99 50  59 $700,000-$1,000,000   41 42 65 68...
Oakville Rental Market Update - 2011   Apartments Townhomes Detached Total Current Inventory  16 26  46  88           Number of Units Rented         August 22 34 37 93 July 22 27 32 81 June 19 35 40 94 May 19 32 28 79 April 10 26 27 64 March 13 27 23 63 February 14 31 18 63 January 15 25 22 62   ...
When you show your home to prospective buyers, there is probably a long list of things you’re hoping they’ll notice. For example, the beautiful chandelier in the foyer, the spacious backyard and large deck, or the kitchen with the island big enough for a family to sit down for breakfast. But what...
Yet another new TV show on homes - this one has a difference though, inpsecting homes to see if those bumps in the night are mechanical or mystical! http://www.yourhome.ca/homes/repairsandrenovations/article/1041070--inspecting-homes-for-things-that-go-bump-in-the-night
When people ask me about problems with rentals they are usually surprised when I tell them that the majority of the issues I have had with rentals are caused by the Landlord. Some Landlords don’t realize that a good Tenant is like money in the bank (literally), and you need to take good care of ...
According to recent statistics, almost 40% of marriages end in divorce.  For the majority of people, the family (matrimonial) home is the most valuable material asset of the marriage. What to do with the home upon separation or divorce can become a major point of contention for many couples as th...

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