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A in-depth look at the Washington, DC Real Estate Market. My thoughts and outlook on the DC Metro housing market. A fun and interesting perspective of the buying and selling process in the Washington, DC.
Home prices in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, DC have taken a slight dip this year.  The average sales price in 2010 was $269,000 and this year homes are averaging $240,000.  Home sales fall behind last year's sales.  In 2010, 145 homes sold in the Brookland neighborhood and so far onl...
With the end of 2011 just around the corner, it seems that home sales in the Petworth section of Washington, DC  area are holding.  The sales prices dipped just a bit in 2011 but not enough to cause any alarm.  Home sales are on par to either break even or surpuss the number of homes sold in 2010...
Dear John (Blackberry)— I am writing this “Dear John” letter to you today because I am finally upgrading to an iPhone 4S.  I know, I know, this is very difficult because we have shared so many good times together from traveling all around the country, sharing uplifting and poignant stories over t...
One of the keys to aging gracefully is staying active.  Getting your butt off the couch and moving!  DC is in the top 25 cities for staying active when you retire.  The city has plenty of bike and walking trails and not mention all the culture from the Smithsonian museums, art galleries, concert...
Even though the The National Cherry Blossom is not until March 2012, Washington, DC is already making preparations to host this annual event since the Cherry Blossom festival is celebrating its centennial year.  The event is usual a week long but since this will be the 100th year it will be supe...
What?!?!  I thought DC would be at least in the top 3 especially with the all the politicians, their staff, the attorneys, the lobbyists and the whole United States government and the Washington, DC city government workers too.  Well, according the National Coffee Association, DC ranks behind Ch...
    Eastern Market is  the oldest farmers market in Washington, DC. Opening its doors in 1873, Eastern Market has offers Washingtonians fresh produce, fresh meats and seafood, flowers as well as clothes and knick knacks for the house.  Located almost in the center of Capitol Hill, Eastern Market...
Market statisics for Congress Heights Washington, DC for August are very interesting since the stats shows a trend of the market softening in the section of Washington, DC.  Home sales from 2010 to 2011 have dropped  by 50%.  Home values have dropped as well.  Average days on market also crept up...
I remember Facebook was the anit-MySpace it was simple way to connect with old and new  friends online.  Over the years it has tweaked this and that and I really did not mind.  Now I am just confused.  Maybe I am too busy or just don't care about the new changes.  With the streaming timeline and ...
Market Report for Petworth, Crestwood, 16th Street Heights and Brightwood: Housing values in the 20011 zip code have remained steady for the month of August.  There still remains two real estate markets for sellers in Washington, DC; one market for those who are selling and have not made any impr...

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