Laughter And Learning  Laughter And Learning  The February 2020 ActiveRain Challenge Boast-A-Post sponsored by Richie Alan Naggar has brought forth so many AR memories from the recesses of my mind.   One such memory  is a group of many posts from Dick Greenberg.  Not quite as active in this foru...
for And The Award For Best Editing. . .  The 92nd annual Academy Awards is now history. I understand this is not a "must see" event for everyone.   Some either didn't have the desire or any need to watch the show for numerous reasons but my mind wandered before, during and now days after the clim...
 On Thoughtful Answers. . . On Thoughtful Answers. . .   I can appreciate a thoughtful answer but I can also understand a brief response.  Off-the-cuff even.   Perhaps a snarky retort fits the situation.  Or a quick quip.  This is yet another example in the game of "It Depends".  A game that is a...
   To Trip The Light Fantastic. . . To Trip The Light Fantastic. . .  As I go through the roll of the new posts each day when I visit ActiveRain, journeys of all kinds are a part of the expected(and unexpected) itinerary.  The "trips" one can experience are indeed fantastic.   Recently, Georgie H...
 Serendipity Sunday Of Sorts:It's Not Just The Cup That Runneth Over  It's Not Just The Cup That Runneth Over  Recently, in the Q&A(typically a laugh riot of all sorts) section a question was asked about glasses half-filled or half-empty.  As one might expect, the responses covered many possibili...
 Pondering Skillsets Pondering Skillsets  Ah, yes skillsets. We can admire them in others.  And we may aspire to achieve more, do better and enhance our own.  Because we are different those skills vary in all sorts of ways from one person to another.  No surprise there.  Each of us brings a diffe...
 Ask Better Questions  Ask Better Questions  Despite recent controversy(italics purely intentional and for my own enjoyment) this has nothing to do with the ActiveRain Q&A section.   I have been thinking that the ability to ask better questions is a skill where constant improvement in this activi...
 Ready. Set.  Ponder.  Ready.  Set.  Ponder.  I must thank Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can! for her recent post 5 Ways to Get Set GO!!!  that inspired my thinking.  Her excellent advice started with having the right attitude as you approach what is ahead with a smile.   Isn't that good advice for ...
 Quite The Leap Quite The Leap With the arrival of February 2020 we are fortunate to experience one extra day of the still shortest month of this or any year on the Gregorian calendar. I don't know if the quotes of other months are more extensive but I found this one about this month we are start...
 Weltanschauung Wander Wondering Weltanschauung Wander Wondering  Just the other day, I found myself towards the bottom of the ActiveRain page right in front of me on my laptop screen.    From there I wandered to the Getting Started on AR section which then had me visiting the world view of this ...

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