An Introduction To The Farewell     An Introduction To The Farewell   For those who follow my posts on even a semi-regular basis may know that I have shared my thoughts on movies, movie-going and many things film-related.  I make no excuses about liking films especially those that may be identi...
  Ah To The Ides Of July     Ah To The Ides Of July  Perhaps it's a case of being dissatisfied as merely the seventh month of the year.  Or maybe July has an inferiority complex-of-sorts about being known as not much more than the place where the United States holds its Independence Day celebrati...
  Maybe It Was Some Crossed Wires     Maybe It Was Some Crossed Wires   Although I thought I knew the meaning of the idiom I checked the definition of "crossed wires" in The Urban Dictionary to make sure.   I found it to be or become confused, mistaken or mentally disordered(about something).  An...
  Topics That Truly Need No Further Discussion   Topics That Truly Need No Further Discussion  You may recall the "Coffee Talk With Linda Richman" sketch from the Saturday Night Live television show which encouraged viewers to "talk amongst yourselves" on various subjects. Current topics.  The in...
 Three Cheers For Luciano Pavarotti   Three Cheers For Luciano Pavarotti  First off, despite the post title this is not a review of the documentary Luciano Pavarotti about the life of the famous singer.   Many may not realize there is a new film about the man that has been released. And that's ok...
   In Awe Of Sharks      In Awe Of Sharks  The subject of sharks seems especially appropriate as we have put another candle on the birthday cake of the United States of America.  We also remember back a few years err decades during a warm summer when that famous(or was it infamous?) shark made it...
  Pondering Again On The Second      Pondering Again On The Second There's something to be said about firsts.Of course there are many admirable firsts in history.   But let's not give short shrift to those important seconds.  Stealing second on the way to landing on/or going beyond home plate for...
  On Being Civil  \ On Being Civil   This is not a political post. But I guess it could be construed as such if your mind works in that way.   I think of the reach far beyond that particular world and more of what happens closer to home.  In our own backyard.  And around the corner.  The topic of...
 It Happened One Late Night    It Happened One Late Nght  It doesn't seem like such a stretch to imagine a late night television show host being ousted from a job due to sagging ratings or the changing demographics of an audience.   But I am talking about a movie I recently saw and the host was n...
  Pondering Before During And After     Pondering Before During And After  Everything has a life cycle.  People.  Things around us.  An important(or for that matter an un important) project. An event.   A real estate transaction, of course.  We can find many examples.  Some are obviously/intentio...

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