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When we, as AR bloggers sub to each others blogs, it helps both of us...HOWEVER What AR provides is a "subscribe" button that is within AR only, it means we get an email notification everytime the blog we're subbing to posts (not bad/ better than nothing/ does keep you updated on that person's of...
You guys n gals are real estate professionals. I, on the other hand "did stay at a Holiday Express last night". I'm a Local SEO/ Social Media Marketing Contractor, specializing in the real estate industry. What "voice" do I recommend you use when blogging? In my not so humble opinion, blogging is...
A fellow ActiveRain real estate bloggger asked me a question, I felt the answer would be useful to the entire AR community: Message: David,I just enjoyed reading your post on Facebook Spam blocking and wanted to ask your opinion on whether an agent should have 'friends' that mainly consist of oth...
As a Local Google Advertising expert I'm often asked to get a corporate website to rank higher in Google's SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). 80% of that work off site, that is the work I do is NOT to the clients site, it consists of creating external sites that link to the company site. Of the...
Getting Fans (or "likes" as Facebook now prefers to call it) is better than nothing but it's NOT ENOUGH Facebook Has A Spam Filter! It's good for you to "like" a Facebook business page but to really give that person's FB business page a "boost" it's better if you say something on that companies w...
How are you using social media? Are you Spam Blasting? ...or Are Your Messages / Posts / Offerings Actually Doing You and Your clients some good? Tradtional Advertising's Mantra has been "beat everyone over the head", and do it SO OFTEN, the prospects actually believe the garbage (because you hyp...
With a company blog (as opposed to a conventional static website) what you want to do is "get your name out there". Sell by "not selling" or "marketing vs advertising". There has been a total sea change in the way consumers are now empowered from the combination of availability of really good sea...
Some of you AR Bloggers are a bit fuzzy on exactly how to incorporate "hyper local" posts in your Real Estate SEO strategy. That is completely understandable: On one level this seems almost counter-intuitive, your probably thinking: " You're in business to sell houses... how does writing a blog ...
I'm often asked why it costs so much for a webmaster to pay an SEO professional to improve a company website's rank in Google. The often steep fees charged by competent SEO consultants can price some small businesses out of the market. The ROI or return on investment from increased sales or leads...
If you’re planning any remodeling or renovation project that might involve digging of any kind one thing you or your general contractor will need to do before commencing on your project would be to phone the Call Before You Dig Office in your state as power, water, gas and other types of lines ar...

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Maryland Local SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results.

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