Anyone involved in North Carolina real estate in 2008 knows that it was a terrible year. Homes sat on the market, prices dropped, lending was tight and it just wasn't good. What should we expect after COVID-19? Anyone's guess! What is going to happen after COVID-19 is anyone's guess. Nobody knows...
One Thursdsay morning I received a Zillow alert. A home was listed for sale and it had a tenant in it already. The home was underpriced at $158,000. It had been on the market for 4 minutes and I had my agent on the phone. It turns out that my agent knows the seller, Randy. He calls Randy up and a...
Recently I got my first house rented out. I learned a lot about liability. I am not a lawyer, but here's what I learned.  It might have been your prior residence, or maybe you bought it for investment purposes, but in any case, certain important duties arise with that house that you want to rent ...
Just to clear something up right away, I am not seeking business, nor am I even available to help any agents at this time. I just want to clear something up about .... keywords. Every "SEO guru" in the world will tell you how important keyword research is for your blogs and  blah blah blah. Any k...
 Over the last two years homeowners have seen property values steadily appreciating in Pittsboro, North Carolina.Just 15 minutes east of here in a town called Cary, plenty of people have absolutely no idea where Pittsboro is. True, it is a small town, however, Chatham Park is being developed here...
I have stayed at a beautiful beach house in Surf City on Topsail Island in North Carolina since 2004. The first decade looked like myself and my family going during two prime weeks of the summer. We've seen shooting stars, turtles laying, turtles hatching and have gone crabbing, flounder gigging ...
A good friend of mine who I help with YouTube videos is a broker. He rarely pays attention to reviews, but we're in a smaller town and even having just a few provides the highest rating around. However, this is obviously not the case in more competitive cities. If there's one thing I've learned a...

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