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 POSTED ON 05.12.16 | KAREN COFFEY | I travel a lot…and a lot would probably be an understatement considering there isn’t a week of the year I’m not going somewhere…so you can understand that when it comes to flying from city to city I don’t get shook up about the bumps and dips the plane makes w...
The weathers getting warmer, the clocks have changed, and Spring fever is definitely visiting my house…the horses are playing and rolling in the mud every chance they get! Can you believe it’s almost the 2nd Quarter of 2016? I’m looking at the calendar and asking myself where did the 1st 3 months...
Hi Everyone!I am constantly looking for ways that I can contribute to this forum and I've found if I can address your biggest challenges in a releavant way that is the best way I know how to help.So my question is:  As an Agent in today's Real Estate industry, what are your biggest challenges tha...
  It breaks my heart when I hear of agents struggling month to month and in real financial pain. They can’t get traction in their business.  They look around the industry and see thousands of agents less talented that are making WAY more money.  And their pipeline is drying up right before their ...
Create Immediate Financial Impact in Your Biz  POSTED ON 02.22.16 | KAREN COFFEY | It’s Karen and remember how I shared with you last week the first step of how I went from Homeless to over $100,000 in income in less than 6 months in a brand new market? It was titled ‘STOP being an Agent and STAR...
 NATIONAL REAL ESTATE TRAINER KAREN COFFEY |       I had a blast traveling around Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beautiful Upstate New York this week. One of my favorite things to do when I’m working with agents is to play a fun game called “The What If Game!” This game is a fun exercise that allow...
Stop being an Agent and Start being a Business Owner! (Step 1 of 3)POSTED ON 02.15.16 | KAREN COFFEY| You may have heard the stories and I wanted to tell you myself that they’re true.! I really did go from losing everything/ homeless/ 115k in debt to making over $100,000 in less than 6 months in ...

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