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Once again, United Services Automobile Association (USAA) has expanded eligible membership. The beginning of this month, USAA announced that all veterans who have honorably served are now able to become USAA members. USAA is an excellent company providing banking, insurance, investment and other ...
Have you seen other ActiveRain blogs that featured custom headers, backgrounds and colors leaving you wonder how that was accomplished? Maybe you have been digging through a number of articles about ActiveRain Customizer just to find out that some of the information is no longer valid. The myster...
With the help of FeedBurner, your blog subscribers can receive blog updates via email. You can easily add a subscription link or form to your website, blog and/or email ... and this is how: Log into your FeedBurner account at Click on My Feeds on top, then select your feed. Cl...
So you have joined the ActiveRain network and started blogging, but do you know how to track of your blog and make it easy for readers to subscribe?  These mysteries are easily solved with the help of a free service called FeedBurner.   FeedBurner is a Google-owned company that specializes in he...
I just received an email from a dear friend of mine and had to pass it along. Please read the information below and act on it.  It is important to let our soldiers know that we think of them.   We as a Military family are lucky to spend the holidays together this year, but there are many families...
Your real estate website is a tool in your real estate agent tool box.  It should offer valuable information for your clients. If you don't know where to start with your website marketing, we recommend you take one step at a time. - Start with adding your website address to any place you current...

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