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Covering important information in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina. Cherokee County is absolutely one of the most beautiful places in the world.
How much does a well cost? Who can I use to drill my well? Should I buy land without a well? How deep will I have to go to get water? What's the chance I won't get water? What happens if it goes dry? What kind of minerals are there going to be in my water? Will my water be good?These are all ques...
Many of our customers and clients come to the mountains of Murphy looking to purchase real estate they can hold on to for many years and enjoy. Quite a few are specifically looking for an acre lot or more and want to build their cabin in a couple of years when they retire or have more "spendable"...
Good evening all! We have been mulling over what to name our new office building, and we can't figure out! Perhaps you can help by telling the name of an office complex you have seen or by making up a new one. Here's a few facts that might help you come up with a name:-3 stories, 6,000 sq. feet o...
If you have the same problems I had with computer back-up, this is for you. I bought a 100 gig hard drive to backup all my client folders, pictures, music, and everything-else-known-to-man. The only problem is to protect the drive, I had to always keep it disconnected from power and my laptop. T...
Satellite Internet is nothing new – but it is certainly new to me. Many of you probably have heard of, or perhaps even use, this great service. It will work in any part of rural America where dial-up has long been our only option. Here in Murphy, North Carolina, I live just a couple miles from w...
Obtaining septic permits in Cherokee County has become an issue shrouded in controversy and political pitfalls. I’ve found many of my buyers have been very disgruntled in the fact it takes an average of 6-8 months to get a standard permit. Hold it! Clear your head and use it to your advantage!One...
As the second installment of the State of the Market, we venture into what has happened in the month of June for the market here in Murphy. North Carolina has been overall very fortunate in its ability to retain a stable market in relation to many other states - especially Florida. The majority o...
The President is required to give a State of the Union Address, and it's interesting to think that even something as local as a real estate market deserves such an "address."Murphy, North Carolina has long been a second home market and will continue to be so. With amazing natural beauty, more tha...

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