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  Today Wells Fargo Announced, that IT WOULD BE PREPARING THE CLOSING STATEMENTS AND DELIVERING THEM in 2015. - Below is the official bulletin released today: Effective August 1, 2015, our industry will be required to provide a new Closing Disclosure to our customers, as required by the TILA-RESP...
April 2010 was an incredible month for our firm, we had record revenue, record intake of work... then almost like a switch was flipped on May 1, it seems as if we ran headlong into a BRICK WALL.... We have been hearing for months, that the recession is over, and that the market is recovering. Rig...
DID YOU KNOW THAT AS OF JAN 1, 2010:  1. You cannot itemize seller paid closing costs on page 2? 2. That a home builder will no longer be able to offer incentilves if a buyer uses their title/settlement company, or lender. 3. That all settlement costs will be lumped into a single line item... AND...
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, and I trust you are all ready for the new changes that the government will implement in 19 days... in case you have not heard, read on... you may want some asprin, adult beverages, and a chair... its gonna be a little hairy: MDIA 2009- Mortgage Disclosure...
SO WHAT DID YOU DO DURING THE SLOW MONTHS OF OCTOBER-NOVEMBER??? We were slow, but we were working hard on perfecting our technology to allow us perform a closing virtually anywhere in the world, where the borrower has access to a computer. In the State of North Carolina, the laws allow attorneys...
AH! ANOTHER UNHAPPY AND MISINFORMED SELLER-------------------------- you gotta love it.... RECORDING AND DISBURSEMENT IN NC.....................This is perhaps the biggest idiosyncrasy of North Carolina Law. This sets the state apart from almost all other states. This subject also gets me yelled ...
 Today, I had a conversation with a Real Estate Broker with regard to a property his client was buying... The client entered into a contract to purchase a bank owned property, which was acquired via Foreclosure. On title there was an uncancelled prior deed of trust, which I had proof it was paid ...

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