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A few years back, when a homeowner wanted to sell a home, it was only through a real estate agent. They listed a home on the MLS and followed a lengthy process. But now, due to the advanced technology and availability of several more options, homeowners have tons of choices.The homeowners who are...
There are costs associated with selling your house which significantly affects your earnings. Realtor commissions are among the largest expenditures. You are responsible for paying both your agent and the buyer's agent as the seller. Typically, the total commission will range between 5 and 6% of ...
As per the survey done by the National Association of Realtors in 2017, more than 50% of buyers were able to find the home of their dreams on the internet. 30% of them were able to find homes via a real estate agent, and around 7% bought homes through a yard sign and open house.So, as you can see...
Both buyers and sellers benefit from the convenience of real estate websites. They play an important function as a route for the professional service providers who contribute to the transaction. Businesses including realtors, banks, mortgage experts, and inspectors can advertise on the platform t...