Is anyone else out there waiting for Spring, or are we just foregoing Spring and hoping for Summer? Anyway, I'm cold, but my garden for some reason is having a great time! Somthing about the weather this winter and Spring must have pleased the flowering plants, because this year everything looks ...
This came across my desk today, and thought there may be some sites in here that you may not have heard of before. Not sure if you're going to be traveling in this current tumultuous market, but if you are, there may be something of value here. Have fun planning at least! ·· www....
This is my first attempt at this. After looking a several agents blogs, I figured out this doesn't have to be about real estate. We need help with the paperwork end of this business and have been doing a lot of research about how to free up our time by using a VA. Is anyone using one that they th...

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