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Another in a long line of interesting yet somewhat meaningless lists, Duluth, GA has made Business Week's Best Affordable Suburb.  Time will tell if Duluth decides to put a billboard proclaiming their newfound status as Suwanee did and still does for the 2007 Money Magazine award. "A wealthy, fas...
There's a lot of talk about the mindset of new buyers that they don't need an agent.  In fact, this talk is becoming reality as more and more first time home buyers call me and when asked about an agent respond, "Oh I don't need one."  Apparently, they think that agents only show homes and after ...
After reading the inman article written by Jay Teresi about Real Estate Darwinism, I thought I would write my own, some with some counter points, some agreements and my own take. In the article, Jay states that the agents that lead us out of this mess will be experts in their field and utilize te...
I wanted to fire back on Jay Teresi about his article on the future of real eastate and how he is dead right and wrong at the same time, but as usually GOOGLE trumps all.In my google reader or more correctly, my homepage there's an article about Google's SEO Report Card from a small blog.  You ca...
So here's what happens, you wake up and check your e-mail.  You have 50 new messages, 3 of which are relevant, the rest are automated drip campaigns with offers that you think you might want later.  If you are smart, you click spam, but most likely you leave these sitting around for "later."  Yo...
Every year I review my business as we all should and every year I notice certain ebbs and flows that I allowed myself to get into.  When business is low, I tend to blog and yes I still cold call and work the internet leads that come in.  When business is great (like right now) I tend to leave eve...

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All about Atlanta Real Estate and the home selling and buying process.