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How did I get to where I am today?  It really was a very logical progression and I am now doing the best of was I did in previous careers.I started my career out of college on the Sears executive training program.  The purpose of the program was management development to be an eventual VP.  It wo...
Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a good leader? If you asked that question to a room full of people you would probably get different answers. That is because leadership is complex and situational. Leadership and management is much more complex than mastering an individual job. For ...
The Business Council of Westchester is the premier business organization in Westchester County New York.  Being an active participant in this organization is a must if you want to be a serious business player in the county.  I am a proud member and ambassador to this organization.  On Thursday ev...
“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” That line from the movie Cool Hand Luke highlights a fundamental problem. There are many times in our business and personal lives where we don’t achieve a desired result from directing, explaining, or urging action. I would like to concentrate here...
If you are a broker owner and have agents parking their licenses with you then you need to be concerned with engagement.  I recently spoke with an experieced high producing agent who had been with a well known brokerage for some time.  I asked him why he switched.  He responded with one word.  CU...
The subject of Debe Maxwell, CRS 's challenge really falls within the purview of a coach consultant.  And although most of these responses relate to real estate selling or buying,  difficult questions abound always.First a word about recession! Like most, I don't form my opinions from the news.  ...
I always advocate and I firmly believe loyal customers are your best advertising.  If you are not a sole practitioner then loyal customers will be the result of engaged employees.  These are employees that feel empowered and take personal ownership in the success of the company.This is a personal...
Although leaders will agree that change is necessary, they may need to become more aware of how they themselves need to change. If they want people to take ownership and initiative, then they must relinquish some degree of control.What we did to get to where we are today will not get us where you...
I have been an Human Resources professional my entire career and I a proud to be part of the HR Vocie of Westchester.  I continue to be active in the local chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  I have been a continuous member of the board since 1987.Tomorrow is a special d...
The best way to create top performance in your sales team and staff is knowing what great performance for your organization looks like. Before you begin talking about standards you need to know and clearly communicate your organizational values and goals. It all starts there!I have made this stat...

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