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Many agents think if I can just get on the web it'll bring business to my front porch.  That's one misconception of getting a website or some presence on "www" better known as "The Web".  You must remember that "www" stands for "world wide web".  There are too many people for me to number.  Getti...
Often someone tells me how much they would like to learn to use a computer.  I scratch my head in wonderment as to why they aren't learning if  they mean that they want to learn.  I have concluded that today learning a computer or most anything else begins where success always begins:  with desir...
I've made a short introduction to Bid to Buy. You can find it at www.jwBidtoBuy.com Each time I conduct a Bid to Buy, the house that I'm selling is featured on this website. If you click on Virtual Tour at the top left you can view a short introduction to the bid to buy concept. The Bid to Buy me...
How can you shake up this real estate market?  Can you really sell houses now?  Well, here's an old concept.  The idea of brokerage is getting buyer and seller together.  Too many of us who are sales agents forget that the most important aspects of the formula are the buyer and seller, not the sa...
Perhaps you have an event that you would like preserved.  I offer a free service.  If you have a family event, or community event that you would like preserved with digital pictures on a CD disk, I will be glad to do it for you at no charge.  I will provide you as many as 5 disks with the picture...

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