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My Blogs are about what going on in the area in the Real Estate Industry and Proffesional Home Inspection.
I wrote about what everyones favourite verification fruit word is about a week ago herehttp://activerain.com/blogsview/134978/Your-Favourite-Comment-VerificationAfter a couple days of my post AR decided to switch up the fruits verification words. These mostly all these fruits I have never heard a...
In a nation that prides itself on its victories, remembering failures is not as easy to come by.Sites like the concrete ship Atlantus, locaed just off Cape May Point, offer a different perspective on history. Suffering from a short supply of steel and iron during World War 1, U.S. officals sought...
Another weekend in Wildwood means another festival. This weekend it is the NJ Barbecue Championship and Anglesea Blues Festival. The 9th annual fesitval in North Wildwood raises funs for the Anglesea Volunteer Fire Company. The winners of the Barbecue Championship will be going to compete in the ...
I am just curious with all the members out there how many actually work in a hot or booming selling area. Or how would you consider the market as of now. Especially in comparision to the rest of your state or area. Did it already boom and is the market starting to become over saturated.
I was just wondering if anyone else is getting tired of which is our first and seems like it end less heat wave. When is it going to end? I guess I can't complain too much since we are right near the beach.The heat wave is over didn't last too long. The weather has been really nice so far other t...
I Have had two transactions recently fall apart due because the Buyers did not use their own permanent resident Bank or a local Bank. You have a working relationship with your Bank; so negotiate the interest rate and or term. Second, the local Banker is familar with the marketplace and is not afr...
The festival, now running for 13 straight years, is a celebration of Italian culture and food. The annual Italian-American Fesitval is something you can hear and smell from blocks away. You don't have to be Italian to enjoy this festival. All you need is an appreciation of what Italians do best: ...
I am fairly new to AR have only been a member for less than a week. From commenting on blogs I noticed AR always makes you verify your post by typing in a certain fruit. Some of these fruits I have never heard of. I was just curious whats everyones favourite fruit that you had to use to verify th...
Im pretty excited since it is now starting to get moving. Just wondering if anyone else used or still use the Remax template site. These(Remax template sites) use old technology and need to be update this is holding a lot of them back from SEO since they don't even use XHTML and their code is rea...
Since the summer of 2005 many family have been going down to the Wildwood beach at night. Their not going to just walk in the cooled off sand or ocean either. These people are going to watch a full cinema style outdoor movie. Based on the older drive up outdoor movie theater, the Sunset Cinema co...

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My Blogs are about what going on in the area in the Real Estate Industry and Proffesional Home Inspection.