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I have come across some websites that are basically an active rain blog feed that is being published on a different website. Who here is doing this? Can you share the plusses and minuses that you have experienced from this so far?  
Self employed individuals have often struggled to find loans to purchase a home. While they are taking legal tax deductions as business owners, those deductions result in a very low net income on their tax returns. This low net income prevented them from qualifying for a loan.The good news is the...
The days when a borrower would walk into a local bank looking for a rate quote for a home purchase are almost gone. Most of the rate shopping and loan originating is done online. One of the go-to places for consumers over the past few years has been LendingTree.LendingTree has become a name that ...
There absolutely are costs associated with an FHA loan. There is the minimum down payment of 3.5% and closing costs as well. However, there are multiple ways to reduce this cost down to zero if you follow the various options and steps.The Federal Housing Administration has provided multiple avenu...
We are contacted weekly by individuals who are looking for an FHA Loan but also have bad credit. In the past, it would have been a short discussion but there are options now.Most FHA lenders will not originate mortgages with extremely poor credit. However, now there are options for individuals wi...
The tocix algae blooms in Cape Coral FL are not only killing fish, but they are also killing the real estate market.In the attached post about CAPE CORAL REAL ESTATE, there is some serious concern about whether the real estate market can rebound from this annual algae event as it reaches its most...
Almost 45% of all married couples will eventually find themselves in divorce court. The problem is both parties may have difficulty finding a mortgage to buy a new home.Here are a couple of scenarios...  You have been a stay at home mom and now that you are divorced, you are back to work but do n...
The year is 2018 and shoppers have become more than comfortable doing their shopping online instead of running out to the mall. After all, the prices may be cheaper online, you can possibly get free shipping, have a larger selection AND not have to deal with crowds or unfriendly store employees.K...
This is a warning to anyone who is thinking about buying a Frigidaire appliance or anything sold/produced by Electrolux who owns the Frigidaire brand. Pass this along to your network of friends as an FYI.We purchased all new Frigidaire Professional appliances for our kitchen remodel. We like the ...
Thank you to those who have served this country. Whether you are currently deployed or a retired veteran, one of the amazing benefits of your service is your eligibility for a VA loan in California Why is a California VA mortgage the best program ever? Here are my reasons... 1. No down payment 2....

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