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Learning how to wire a light switch is something that every homeowner should learn how to do because it really is a bit if a waste to pay for an electrician to do such a simple task. That said, many people have no idea.In this article, you can learn how to wire a single pole or even a three way l...
Steal Worthy House Flipper Home TrendsHouse flippers are always setting the bar high for home trends. Open concepts, spacious rooms, gray paint, house flippers are always able to transform the drab into extraordinary. House flippers know that simple changes can make any room feel luxurious and br...
Hello eveveryone, the attached video is about what I believe is to be the best investment desision for first time home buyers. They can make the right decision when purchasing their first home which can make them rich in just a few years.  This is a strategy that very few young first time home bu...
Hello eveveryone, the attached video is from two weeks ago. It was based upon what I was seeing at that time not only with some real estate values but also from what I am seeing from the lending community. Would love to hear your comments in the video.I would also love to have you subscribe to th...
5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Home Improvement LoanOnce you qualify for a home improvement loan, you may feel like the hard work is behind you. Securing financing is a big deal, but you still have a few decisions left to make before you start work. While several areas in your home could benefi...
8 Home Upgrade Tricks to Improve Your Resale ValueIf you choose to renovate your house from floor to ceiling, you can expect a good rise in resale value. However, big renovations may not be in your budget. Luckily, there are a few home upgrades you can do yourself that will boost your home’s pric...
How to Supercharge Personal Branding in Real EstateWe used to use the term “branding” only in relation to companies for quite a while. However, the situation has changed and the focus has now shifted onto individuals and their personal brands. Somehow, we all seem to have our own brand that we ch...
Networking in the Real Estate Industry: The EssentialsThe real estate industry is a field in which your success depends on how well you are able to network. Finding other professionals within your industry and connecting with them is a long term strategy that will produce results.  How effective ...
What is the Difference Between a Mortgage Broker and a Bank? For a lot of individuals around the world, a house is a major asset they would ever own, and so the choice of purchasing it can be truly daunting. Getting a mortgage involves responsibility, and it can very well become a burden if dealt...
How to Boost Online Presence of a Real Estate BusinessOnline marketing is now the mainstay of the real estate business. The days of sandwich man marketing and postered realtor’s faces that sold smile for leads are far gone. Today’s real estate marketing strategy relies massively on value-driven o...

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