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Real Estate Agent - Thompson Company, REALTORS® - MD594797
Andrea Bedard has been assisting home buyers and sellers in Silver Spring, MD and beyond since 2004. She has a passion for Real Estate in general and vintage homes in particular. Ready to sell or buy? Contact Andrea for a free consultation 240-593-2860.
So you have fallen in love. You are beaming with excitement. You are daydreaming and imagining a future together. You believe it to be a perfect match.  It turns out, however, that you are not the only one. Many other suitors are lined up, ready to sign on the dotted line and commit for the next ...
While walking my favorite trails, going on a couple of runs and just being out and about this past week, I noticed them. A bit of green pushing through here, a very yellow Forsythia there, the white of the first snow drops, and For Sale signs blooming ... unmistakable signs that Spring is on her ...
Lately, I've noticed an uptick in scam calls. It was quiet for some time (thank you very much!), but as of late I've been receiving multiple calls each and every day. How annoying, especially when caller IDs are being spoofed and it appears to be from a local number. Sometimes though, these call ...
One of our two winners of our Home for the Holidays Decorating Contest, 2019 edition welcomed personal chef and nutritional coach Erin Martin Nelson, Food Love, LLC into their home last weekend. Judging by the feedback we received, it was a winning dinner!I want to thank Thompson Company, Realtor...
Although Mother Nature can't make up her mind whether she should bless us with a mild winter or have our heat pumps work overtime (welcome to Maryland!), and the high today was only 24 degrees, it was the most gorgeous 24 degrees! Brilliant blue skies, and not a cloud covering up the sun's smile....
When my little family hits a rough patch brought on by challenging news, or unplanned expenses, or.. well, life, we always decide to make time for a quick breather, a reset, a recharge. Quite often this is simply a hike in nearby Patapsco Valley State Park. Being surrounded by trees, breathing fr...
2019 is history, and so is our Home For The Holidays decorating contest. We tallied all the votes, counted and recounted. The end result was incredibly close, so much so that we decided to declare it a tie between finalists A & D who engaged in one fierce but friendly competitive battle until the...
We picked the finalists. You get to pick the winner! After reviewing all the entries for our Holiday Decorating Contest: Home for the Holidays, 2019 Edition, all I can say is: beautiful! There was so much warmth, festive spirit, creativity, and a few fur babies, too, which made it really tough to...
Dear friends, I am so grateful for all of you - my AR peeps, family, friends, clients and customers; the frequent visitors, the occasional readers, and the stumbled-upons. I would like to extend the warmest of wishes this Holiday season and to wish you only the best. I hope you'll get some rest &...
As part of the team at Thompson Company, REALTORS®, I am, of course, not eligible to enter to win our 2019 Holiday Decorating Contest: Home for the Holidays, but I can share a picture or two.Since I arrived home for the Holidays a few days ago and have enjoyed quality moments with my closest fami...

Andrea Bedard

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