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I cannot believe the number of calls and  showings on a piece of property that is listed at $59000. The structure on it would not warrant the money needed to fix it up before one could live in it. What is great though is though is the number of solid leads that have come from it - whether people ...
A question? Has anyone tried or had any success in having or allowing a "for sale by owner" to place a free listing on your website. They would agree to be in a client relationship but would also agree to pay you a commission if you bring a client in who buys their property. A variation could be ...
Statistics released by the Quinte board for August 2007 show that real estate is still a hot commidity in this area of Ontario. $ sales are up 21.2% for this year to the end of Aug. compared to the same time period in 2006. However listings are down by 4.4% for the same time period. The average s...
Several individuals in our city have formed teams and advertise the fact that they have "x" number of combined years experience or the family that plays together works together to help sell your house. Can a team deliver any better service than a single agent? The location of the house and its co...
     The hardest part of getting started  is getting started. You just got your licence, can legally buy and sell in your province or state and are eager to go. You sign on with a broker. If you are lucky your broker will set out a plan of action for you. You will probably have to get a list of n...

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