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I heard on the news this morning that another teenager, a 14 year old boy committed suicide in upstate New York. Why? Because he could no longer endure the constant and heartless harrassing and bullying he was receiving. He dealt with it in school, in his own neighborhood and on line. There was v...
Amy Shaire with Remax United in Durham, NC recently blogged about feedback. Although I thought it was a great topic (wish I'd thought of it, my self), I was NOT believing what was said by some agents in their follow up responses. One person commented that many times their buyer clients don't shar...
My business partner and I signed up for Top Producer 8i about a month ago. Previous to TP, we had been using ACT! for about 15 years. So, we had to convert over 800 people from ACT! to Top Producer. The first problem was just how long and laborous the conversion has been. But, we're still really ...
Yesterday, I posted/blogged about needing a good real estate attorney in the Detroit Michigan area. Because I'm still pretty new at this, I think what I did was post it for people to see who are only in Michigan...but, I'm not sure. So, today I'm reposting basically the same thing but, I'm going ...
I am in search of a good real estate attorney in the Detriot Michigan area. Over the last few days I met the nicest couple who came here from Detroit two years ago. Unfortunately, they're not able to purchase a home in Maryland yet due to the wife having a short sale back in Detroit, that's still...
 With my office being located in Ellicott City, MD I'm fortunate to do a lot of Relocation business. After all, Ellicott City is ideally located between Baltimore and Washington DC. So, when people come to Maryland from other parts of the country, it's nice to be able to share with them not only ...
What next?  Changes in our industry (and there's been a ton since I got my license in 1986) are obviously done with the right thought in mind...protecting and promoting the interest of the client and public. And, we're all for that. However, I'm guessing that most of you have seen and are aware o...
My business partner and I always ask our clients to please write a short testimonial about their experience of working with us. Naturally, we encourage them to be honest. Besides once, a long time ago when a client said that my partner was on his cell phone too much, we have had nothing but great...
If you're a firefighter, law enforcement officer, nurse, EMT worker, a Veteran or an active member of the military, or a school teacher there are some unbelievable home buying opportunities available you just you. In some cases, you can purchase a home for 50% off...yes, 50% off the list price! H...
Today, two of the nicest people that we've had the pleasure of working with are leaving Maryland. We had such a great and friendly relationship with them while they were on the market for sale. Then, we sold their home in Valley Mede in Ellicott City and the transaction went flawlessly. Why, I as...

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