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David Snell loves to be social and loves writing helpful articles that will assist the home owner as well as commercial client. Every thing from Mold Inspections to Mold Removal and helpful tips.
Have you ever heard the expression, make noise to your food, as you eat it? When I used to live in South Korea.  It was proper to make noise as you ate, your food.  Whether it was grunting or even expelling wind if the food was good.  This was very common.  This was done to show the host, that th...
What do you know about Glutathione?  What is Glutathione?  Did you know that your body creates glutathione but the older we get, the more we typically could use to help our body run better and be cleaner as well as help us with aches and pains that we all can suffer,  along our journey of life.  ...
www.ExecutiveRestoration.ComWhat kind of issues, do you see from the attached and above photo?Do you see Water Intrusion Issues?  Do you see Water Damage that has continued,  to enter the basement?  Correct the outside of the home from water issues and then I would suggest sealing the basement wa...
How many homes or buildings have you seen, that do not have gutters?  I see so many buildings and homes that do not have gutters.  This is not good.   The purpose of gutters is to divert the water from the roof and channel the water from the roof to downspouts and get the water away from the foun...
What Have I Done,  To Improve My Life?  What have you done to improve your life?I was talking to a friend of mine, who has recently challenged me to write, about what have I done to improve my life?  I have been thinking and thinking about this and given it much thought, so here goes.I am also wr...
After completion of a Mold Inspection in Troy, North Carolina, the client and I proceeded to the dock area to look at God's beauty, and the above photo was taken to share with others.  There were many things that went through my mind.What should I give thanks for? Why are so many wanting more?  W...
Do you know, what is in your tap water?Do you know, how safe your tap water is?Go to www.ewg.orgThen go to the three lines and look for tap water data base.Then type in the zip code that you are in or that you want to check out.I was absolutely shocked, of what is in my tap water. Now, I do have ...
How many people, do you think, wash their fruits and vegtables, before consuming them?I know quite a number of people, who do not bother to wash their fruits and vegetables, before consuming them!  Nasty, huh?Another thing.  Just because the packaging states, that the fruit or veggies or salad is...
What do the fins on your heating and air conditioning unit, look like?  This can go for window units or units that are permanent, like in the above photo?I am always amazed by what I see, while performing inspections of buildings, searching for water damage or mold-related issues.  I want to shar...
Life can be about relationships but not all relationships,  are healthy and not all relationships are worth having!Have you ever been in any kind of relationship that was not healthy or is not healthy?  Did you stay in it?  Did you leave it?  I see a lot of people in relationships that are just n...

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Executive Restoration LLC has been in business since 1987. David Snell is a Certified Mold Inspector for Residential and Commercial Properties. David Snell is a Certified Mold Remediator for Residential and Commercial Properties. David's passion is, All Things Mold Related. WWW.EXECUTIVERESTORATION.COM