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We all know that there are seasonal market shifts. We typically see them (or at least most do) September through January, and then February through August or September. There are of course some variables, in my opinion these are the most common. The reason I bringing this up are 2 fold. I like to...
I used to call expired listings, FSBO’s and other cold lead sources and I am begging to see the light. I am not against those lead generation sources and they can be fairly lucrative. I have come to find that spending 2 to 3 hours a day prospecting cold leads is very time consuming compared to pr...
Tiny House Nation – Can the Tiny House be illegal? With the growing popularity of the “Tiny House” concept I recently ran across an article that was explaining how often times the owners of these tiny houses are finding themselves in hot water and in many cases it is illegal to park them on open ...
Getting the home ready to sell nets you thousands. With the market heating up and people looking to sell, as well as I am partaking on a huge home improvement project of my own. I thought that I should cover a few details on getting your home ready to sell. 1. Declutter – You’re going to be movin...
It's no fun to be apart of a probate. Well, unless you're the attorney. Even then, from what I hear, most attorneys do not wish upon a star for a new probate everyday. The attorney will make more money in a probate compared to trust administration but often times the probate can drag out for a ve...
GOOOOOOD Morning!!!Whenever I say that I can’t help but to think about Robin Williams saying it in….GOOOOOD morning Vietnam. That was a good movie!Let’s get started with this morning’s motivational blog. I am not sure about you but I love listening to Less Brown, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and others...
I recently have taken my business coaching to a new level and wanted to share some AAAHHAA’s as they say at kw.3 great tracking things come to mind.       Tracking your activity. With this new business coaching tracking your contacts is a huge part of business. Tracking your face to face time and...
I was doing a little research on the Placer County area and found some good trend data. Just like my "List or Not to List" blog states, the wave of inventory came on strong at the end of the year. When you see huge spikes in inventory, you will also see a slight pull back and shift in power from ...
 How to choose your next Realtor… The proof is in the pudding…If you haven’t noticed, the real state industry is being overrun with the Zillow’s, Tulia’s and many other websites or fly by night people that want to cash in on the 200 billion dollar industry. After 10 years in the business and cutt...
Rock and roll.... Herding cats people! Get along you little kitties! Get on the bandwagon! 

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