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Comments on Multifamily investments from a veteran banker. Rick Fitzgerald and AAM Capital gives you a look at multifamily financing from a lender's point of view. Experienced or beginning multifamily investors should find the information useful. If you are a multi family investor call 423-991-5926.
The Feds made yet another historic move in gathering the largest bank CEO’s to a meeting in Washington. The meeting was to go over details of the latest government move. The Feds will purchase preferred stock in the nine largest banks and expand from there. Several of the banks were Citigroup, In...
I watch a variety of shows including MSNBC, FOX and CNN. On each network, some of the talent I like, some I don’t. In the fall last year, I was surprised to see Wall Street virtually ignoring the financial meltdown that had reared its ugly head. Gas was going up and the financial sector going dow...
    The 2009 Multifamily Investment Crunch Guide   Link is now available. It has been edited from our normal underwriting guidelines to provide a better understanding how the current financing crunch is impacting multifamily transactions. It’s designed for investors who need some current informat...
The Federal Reserve Bank dropped their Fed Fund rate by .50% today. What made this a historic was because of the coordinated move with all of the world's central banks at the same time including China. Japan and Australia have made similar moves but issued statements of support. Russian on the ot...
The Feds made another historic move today in announcing a “special purpose” vehicle specifically for commercial non bank companies. Many on Main Street are not aware of the issues companies have in this financial meltdown. Large and small business owners rely heavily on short term commercial pap...
The multifamily investment market is watching Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Citigroup slug it out. The demise of Wachovia Corp has the claws out in a cat fight over the sale. Citigroup thought they had a steal, make that a DEAL in acquiring the bank. Encourage by the Feds, Citigroup made the deal to acq...
BBC reported that a hiker found some clothing of Fossett's that led searchers to the wreckage. Fossett was the millionaire known for his adventures. ___________________________ Multifamily Investment Experts AAM Capital 5000 Alpha LaneChattanoog...
Well darn......a little good news for my multifamily investment market again. I'll take any good news for now. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) confirmed the multifamily investment market is still performing well for both investors and lenders. Although we have seen a small rise in multifam...
I’m rethinking the decision to let Lehman Brothers fail now. Really didn’t consider what that has done to the short term bond market investors who fund major corporate debt. Didn’t pay enough attention to that and now some really big companies can’t roll their short term debt. My bad. We have too...
  The Feds are scrambling hard these days to “save the economy”. I think that’s a fair statement to make. When the big, rich and powerful begin to lose money and fear they will lose more it really does illustrate the trickledown economics applied to Main Street. No money trickles down for anyone ...

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